Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Am Useless

By the time I got up this morning Vergil had already mostly field-dressed a deer in the garage with Mr. Moon.
Whoa! The man is serious about providing meat for his family.
Meanwhile, Maurice and I missed the whole situation.
But I got busy and started laundry and cooked a big breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher and I'm thinking I might better get to town and buy a turkey and whatever else I need to make the food I'm taking to Lily's house for Thanksgiving. Also, some friends of mine are moving and no, I am not going to help them move. Please! I am hoping to take them soup and bread.
I could/should make some apple butter and jar it up and I should also start on Lily's baby's quilt.
Procrastination is being carried out a little too seriously around here.
By me, at least.

So. I just looked up apple butter recipes. That's a start. Right? A lot of them involve a crock pot. My crock pot came from Goodwill and isn't very big and doesn't cook right. Maybe I'll go buy one of those crock pots on sale at Costco. Shopping is a great way to procrastinate.
At Costco. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Oh Jeez. I don't know. And who cares? WHO THE FUCK CARES?????

Do you realize that I still think I am looking at dog pee or poop on the floor sometimes? Poopatory hallucinations? Do you realize that I am so freaking happy never to have to clean up dog pee or poop again?

Do you also realize that obviously I have nothing to say today?

Until I do...

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I highly recommend no Costco today but that's me. I went last week for a couple things, during the week and was so overwhelmed I left in a panic. Love you Ms Moon. I hope your day goes well.

  2. Procrastination is a good thing! :)

  3. Going to Lily for thanksgiving and bringing a dish sounds wonderful. I look forward to such a day.

  4. Does Maurice enjoy it when the dear is being cut up? Does she wait around for bits?

  5. Joanne- I went. It wasn't so bad. I bought the Crock Pot and prunes. Done.

    Tony- I agree! Hello! Do I know you? Do you play a doctor on TV?

    Angella- I am bringing several dishes. Still, it will be easy peasy compared to having it here!

    Birdie- She hasn't shown much interest in it. My old cats loved deer liver. We joked that that was why they lived so damn long. The chickens like the scraps too.

  6. I used to be indecisive but I'm not sure now ....

  7. I wonder if I should get a crock pot. I'm on a face book group that's obsessed with them. I haven't got the energy or space for a nother appliance, though.

    I love my dog. He sleeps in til 11am like a human, and has never once peed or pooped inside. He's a blessed hound. He's my dog karma for the last pair of fuckers. I guess one day he'll get old and incontinent, but then, so will I, and he's earning his old age care right now. I will try and remember that.

    But I can totally empathise with your poopatory hallucinations. Poo-TSD, perhaps??


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