Saturday, November 21, 2015

Yes. Thank You

What a thoroughly good day for me. I mean it. I took that soup and bread into town, stopping off to buy what new house-owners really need on moving day which is, of course, vodka. I slipped the soup in the refrigerator and the vodka in the freezer and got a grand tour. It's a grand house.
A perfect jewel of a vintage Tallahassee home, surrounded by oaks and camellias and tea olives and I don't even know what. The house is located in an old Tallahassee neighborhood called Indian Head Acres and all of the streets are "nenes." Which, I suppose, is supposed to be the Native American term for street. I get lost every time I go in there but as I drive aimlessly down the nenes, I recognize one house after another that someone I've known and loved lived in at one point. Or still does. I got lost today and asked Siri to help me with directions and listening to the way she pronounced Chowkeebin Nene alone was worth the drive into town and the putting on of a bra-like garment.

Then I went to the Costco and bought my new Crock Pot. It came with a little miniature Crock Pot called (oh god, this makes me want to die) "The Little Dipper." The Little Dipper is for dips. Like nacho cheese dip and artichoke dip. So- awesome! I also bought prunes which I put in our smoothies. If you put prunes in your smoothies, there is no need for any other sweetener. I swear. Plus...fiber. You can thank me for that tip later.

Then I ran by the library and ran into a man I've known since I was five years old. He's from Roseland and his mama was my favorite teacher ever (I had her in the second and fourth grades) and his daddy was the preacher of the Unitarian-like Roseland Gardens Community Church.
We do have a history.
He told me that he reads my blog and he even thanked me for opening my life up to share with others and I just kept saying, "You're so sweet. Thank you." At one point in his life he actually lived in the magical little pool house that I rent in Roseland to stay in when I go down there. This was before the guys who own it now had bought it and restored it but it was a beautiful place, even so and he remembers that time as being extremely important in his life.
So that was absolutely lovely.

And then I went to Publix and got to see my Lily and then I came home and got to see my husband and now I'm about to cook some chicken and pineapple which is one of my most favorite things to cook and eat and the recipe originated in some magazine that my mother read (probably Good Housekeeping) and tonight I'm going to make it with fresh pineapple and onions and cinnamon and I am in an extremely good mood.

A train is blowing its horn, about to pass by and I think of Gibson and how he runs and clings to me, even now, when a train passes, although it's mostly a joke. Still, whenever he is here and I hear the distant whistle, I run to him and hold out my arms for him and yesterday when it happened I said, "Oh Gibson! Protect me from the train! Keep me safe!" and we clung together in faux fear and that is one of our rituals. He doesn't want his Boppy or even his daddy or his mama when the train goes by. He wants his MerMer.

I better start cooking.

I sure am grateful for this good day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think that chicken and pineapple dish sounds delicious. Do you think you could post the recipe please? Thanks

  2. You deserve more lovely days and that chicken and pineapple does sound good.

  3. That chicken and pineapple sounds delicious . I am with Portia, can you share this recipe please?

  4. You sound joyous, and I can see why. I love the Gibson/Mer Mer train story!

  5. so lovely, all of it. but especially gibson and the train.

  6. I just can't keep up with you. trapped at the store all day yesterday with no internet (!) and spent the previous day in the studio, where I will be later today. cold as shit here but clear blue sky which is pretty but will allow it to get even colder. maybe it will get cold enough tonight to make the ginkgo trees turn yellow. at least there would be a little reward for having to turn on the heater.

  7. Portia- Done!

    e- I sure do appreciate them when they fall upon me.

    Leisha- It is delicious. I'm not kidding.

    Elizabeth- It makes me feel wanted by the little man.

    Angella- I am imagining him still doing this when he is a foot taller than I am.

    Ellen Abbott- Maybe it will turn my bradford pears to red. It's so odd- seeing them still green. And WHY don't I have a few gingko trees? Why?


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