Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Color Is Your Sky Today?

It's gray as fuck this morning and rumbling thunder to the south and raining off and on.
The chickens, bless their hearts, do not seem to care a bit.

Yesterday Mick jumped on Mabel right on the back porch steps and Owen, who'd been sitting at the table with me, got up and opened the door to view the deed and said, "Mick! Stop that!" He even tried to gently bat Mick off the hen and I said, "Oh honey, he's just doing what roosters do. Let him be."
"Do you think it hurts the hen?" he asked me.
"No," I said. Then I thought about it. "Well, maybe a little but it doesn't last long."
Life on the farm. Or, farm-lite.
Mr. Moon reported that later on Mick was hanging around them in the back yard and he asked the rooster, "What do you want, Mick?"
And Owen said, "Probably to fertilize another hen."
Oh boy.

A friend has asked me to lunch and so I'll be going to town for that in a while. I can't believe I still have a friend who would ask me for lunch but I'm glad I do. My phone camera has finally arrived so I'll go drop my phone off. I sure hope that solves the problem. I have a few other errands to run and will do those too. Lily is having Thanksgiving at her house this year but I am doing some of the cooking and need to get ingredients.

God, I'm boring.

Drip, drip, drip says the rain.

Sigh, sigh, sigh, says my soul.

Bawk, bawk, bawk, say the hens.

I will fuck you! says the rooster.

I will sleep, says the cat.

And she does.


  1. of course your cock is named MICK! I adore your brain!

  2. "Gray as fuck" pretty much sums up our sky today. And my mood this week, unfortunately.

  3. Sky gray here, too. And lots or rain promised. I hope it comes down in sheets. I'm feeling that way today.

  4. Wonderful blue skies and snow covered mountains!

  5. We've got crazy blue skies and lots of the usual sunshine. I love the Owen story --

  6. Bright blue and it's going to snow. I love Mick that little ho. xo

  7. Those last sentences. You should write children's books!

    Te sky here today is gorgeous. Ever home I went to mentioned it because most days from October to May are as gray as fuck.

  8. Up here it's been grey all day, deepening at times, but the rain never got here, in spite of widespread predictions. I finished the apple saucing and slicing. We will have apple crumble all winter an applesauce too. The bags the apples have been in have been washed- all nastiness gone again. I hope your lunch date was fun.

  9. It was a beautiful, brilliant deep blue today. It's going to be like that all week.

  10. Blue skies and hot as hell.... Yep it's a heat wave and now it is 37....

  11. It's November ennui. I have it too!

    Owen cracks me up.

  12. Raining all day here yesterday but today is bright and sunny and cool. I will take it.

  13. fertilize the hen. this is why I miss have little kids around.

  14. Linda Sue- But I would never name a rooster Keith. THAT would be disrespectful.

    Jennifer- Both our sky and my mood brightened a bit today. I hope yours did too.

    Angella- Yep. Somedays we NEED that rain to water our hearts.

    Peace Thyme- Sounds glorious!

    Elizabeth- He is so child-wise. I wish I could bottle it.

    Rebecca- Snow! I know you love it. I am glad for you. And yes, Mick is a little ho. But he's a pretty good rooster. He'll never be an Elvis but Elvis was one of a kind.

    Birdie- They wouldn't let me use the word "fuck" in children's books. Sadly. Glad your sky was blue!

    Big Mamabird- It was fun! God. I need to do something with all of the apples in my outside refrigerator. Maybe this weekend? I did buy jar lids so that's a start.

    Allison- Enjoy!

    Leisha- Isn't it bizarre? Our fall, your spring...
    Big planet.

    Steve Reed- You would not believe how much he's grown since you met him. Gibson, too.

    Syd- Same here!

    Ellen Abbott- I know. Children are just so dear with what comes out of their mouths. Sometimes.


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