Monday, November 23, 2015

I Told You I'd Bitch

Who said it could get cold? Wah-wah-wah. It's like forty-something here which is cold for us. Our blood is thin and not up to the rich salty levels of those of you who live in the more northern climes. It is infested and invested in mosquito toxins, it is cold blood, not warm blood. We are hot-blooded but only in the sense that the heat which usually surrounds us and sustains us causes us to be quick to anger and macho foolishness. When the temperature drops we are like the lizards who want nothing more than to find a warm place in the sun to lay. We crawl slowly and have a hard time doing the simplest things like opening a new bag of chicken scratch, our fingers stiff and useless, scrabbling at the little thread we need to pull to gain access to the corn, the chickens looking at us as if we were the ridiculous creatures that we are.

Ah well. It's not that bad.

Here's a picture of August who looks toasty warm, wrapped up next to his pretty mama.

I have much to do today including going to town and buying flour and Karo syrup and picking up my boys and I better take a walk. At least I won't sweat to death.

Stay warm, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Still working on thickening up my blood's 28 degrees and cold even with the sun. I need to buy some new long johns, the waistbands have died in my old ones. I have to dig out my woolies. There's a cool trick I've learned-- Keeping the wrists warm keeps your hands toasty but still able to do things,so I have a number of sets of wrist warmers/finger-less gloves.I make them with old thrifted sweaters. I just cut off the sleeves at the length I need and cut a thumb hole in the you know , there's always a cashmere at the thrift store! That picture up there is so lovely, Jess looks like a Mother Goddess and August is gorgeous...

  2. Cold here too. Big blue sky though so it's warm in the sun but cold in the shade.

  3. Thanksgiving is coming. Then Christmas. Trying, trying, trying to stay on an even keel. The wolf is at the door. But that sweet face, August, he helps tremendously. Such innocence.

  4. Sounds like pecan pie, to me. That will warm you up.

  5. He's such a cute little monchichi these days. He was an other worldly newborn, and now he's starting to round out :)

  6. Very sweet photo of August and his mama. Good luck with all your jobs and cooking.

  7. Oh, that photo! I love it in every way -- the perspective, his wonderful eyes and Jessie above.

  8. It is about the same temperature here. It is rainy and cold and windy. meh
    One month and the days start getting longer again.I think I shall have my annual solstice box burning.

  9. I is high 50's here and I bitch too. Gail

  10. big mamabird- Good idea on the sleeves! I might try that! And yes, I think Jessie has settled into being August's mama as if she herself were born for it.
    Which I think she was.

    Ellen Abbott- Yes m'am. Same here.

    Angella- I think of Christmas and I want to die. Literally. Maybe the wolf will eat me.

    Joanne- Going to make mine today.

    Jo- Yep! He's a human being now!

    Leisha- Thank you!

    Elizabeth- I like it too. My baby and her baby. Both beautiful.

    Birdie- Excellent idea!

    Gail- Oh, we are so hard to satisfy!

  11. I will tell you a secret: northern blood is no better. We want to be lizards in the sun, too. Except not TOO hot. We are fussy lizards. I have found the secret to be layers. Two pair of socks. Fuzzy pants. Tshirt and sweater. Scarf if your neck is chilly. Yikes. And it's only November.

  12. I've lived in Michigan all of my life, and anything below 60 I've never been fond of..I despise the cold!


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