Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mostly Pictures

I just feel bereft of words tonight. But here are a few pictures. Jessie took that one. I didn't even know she was taking them with my phone until I started going through my photos.

Probably about a third of the food.

Our friend Joanna came and brought a hammock and the boys would hardly get out of it. I stole this picture from her FB. 

Pretty mama and her babe.

Three of my favorite fellas.

Beautiful May and her handsome Michael.

My Hank and the lovely Joanna. She and Owen gave each other tattoos. Jessie got one too. 

My good-looking brother. 

I suppose I did not get a picture of Lily because she was running all over being the hostess. Trust me- she is absolutely gorgeous and glowing and as full of life as, well, a woman who is about to give birth can be. Oh hell, I didn't get a picture of a lot of people. I'm sorry. Next year? 

It was truly a wonderful thing, having our dinner at Lily and Jason's house. I kept thinking of all the months of negotiations that they went through to get that house but Mr. Moon just never let them give up. He kept saying, "I can just see those boys running around that yard and we're going to make it happen."
And they did. 

What a joy. And we ate outside, as Thanksgiving should properly be eaten, the sun going down through the oaks and pines, the blooming camellias beside us, the sweet air around us. 

And as a lagniappe, another picture stolen from Facebook. If your Facebook was broken this morning, here's the reason why.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Your family is lovely.

  2. That last photo, the smiles are beautiful. Sounds like a perfect time was had by all and your heart is full. Probably your tummy might be full too looking at that food.

  3. What a dear, ebullient little grin!

  4. Such a lovely, picture filled post!

  5. Is that the happiest baby in the whole wide world? I think so!

  6. My Facebook WAS broken yesterday morning!!

    Great photos of a wonderful day. I love the idea of eating Thanksgiving dinner outside. We did the same here! (Well, lunch, anyway.)

  7. I am happy you had a nice thanksgiving and that baby smile at the bottom!! Gail

  8. You couldn't look at that last one and not smile, in fairness!

  9. What a lovely family! So glad that it was a good day. Lots of gratitude here.

  10. I am surprised that last picture didn't break the whole internet. It is one of the pictures where we can close down the internet for good and all go back to our lives before computers. There will be nothing sweeter.

  11. Oh, the cuteness! Some things just make you smile and that's one of them :)


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