Monday, November 9, 2015

All Three

The rain still comes and goes. The sun has already set. The chickens are up and safe. The boys have gone home with their daddy. Their granddaddy got to see them and play with them this afternoon and he got to see August today, too.

Look at the size of Boppy's hand next to that boy. 

Here are the big boys. 

Gibson eating a cheese toast with his dog, cat, and lady. He was playing with them and I thought he was talking to me and I tried to answer and he said, "I not talking to you, Mer."
"Oh," I said. "I'm sorry."

Owen drinking his hot chocolate on the kitchen porch. See Mick there behind him? Owen loves being outside. When I went out to snip a few greens for our salad tonight, he came out to help me. "This garden is growing fast!" he said. We went and gathered eggs and I showed him where Vergil found the eight nice yard eggs in the brush nest the other day, but there were no eggs in it today. I also showed him the bright orange fungus growing out of an old oak near the next-door neighbors. 
"Your yard is sure filled with discoveries!" he said. 

He is right. The discoveries are endless. 

When we went to accompany them out to Jason's car to tell them good-bye, Gibson wouldn't let me close his door.
"Boppy hasn't kissed me!" he said. 
This was remedied and then the door got closed. 

"Good-bye, good-bye! We love you!" we all cried out as we waved and waved. 

The discoveries are endless. So is the sweetness. 

The rain, however, is supposed to end tonight. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am so glad that you are keeping a blog. One day when you are very old and grey or even gone to whatever happens after this, your grand babies will enjoy reading about all the great and funny things they said and did.

  2. Your posts are always comforting, food and the deep contentment of being with family... And chickens and gardens and nature... All food for the soul.

  3. I have tomorrow off. What are you doing for lunch?

  4. I love the blog. Home grown food, chickens, babies. What could be better?

  5. Children are amazing. And all you have to do is stop and listen to them to see it.

  6. "The discoveries are endless." I love that!

  7. Such sweet boys, they are growing so fast, aren't they? Let's hope August stays little for a short while :)
    Yes your yard is full of discoveries and adventures around every corner. No wonder the boys love to visit. Plus there are kisses and hugs and good food and love love love....

  8. mine are all teenagers with busy lives now and I miss those days when they were little and exploring the world.


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