Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday's Worship Program

I have thrown the chickens all out of whack this morning by sleeping for eleven hours last night. I woke up once about four when Maurice threw herself against the window to be let in after her night's work outside. What does she do outside all night? Does she nap in the moonlight? Raid squirrel nests? I have no idea but around three or four she wants to come in and eat and then get in bed to snuggle. I stroked her a long time and then we fell back asleep and when I woke up, I could not believe how late it was.
I guess I needed the rest. My neurons probably more than my body.

Anyway, good morning and I am going to partake of some therapy and worship here today in Lloyd. There will be clothesline therapy, chicken-shit removal therapy, house tidying therapy, porches sweeping therapy, and perhaps a little garden dirt therapy. Also, James Lee Burke as read by Will Patton therapy. All of this accompanied by the worship of chickens, trees, clear blue skies and peace.

What are you doing today?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My legs have really been hurting of late, and I don't know why. So yesterday I wallowed in my pity party and today I'm determined to put my party hat away and carry on. Went for a bike ride, then walked the dog. I think I'll ask hubby for a couple hours at the beach. That'll be my Sunday worship!

  2. OH, and one more thing: I LOVE your banner picture! Absolutely precious!

  3. Today will be filled with sitting in the little bit of freezing cold sun and just generally being generally being mucho happy that I can.
    And housework and art work to, in otherwise...a perfect day.

    Talk about perfect..that header picture!!

  4. Your therapy is the real deal. May it fill you with ease. Love you woman.

  5. I wonder the same thing about Whiskey, what he does all those hours.

    It sounds like a lovely day of tending to life. Today we did the tree and I read some of Patti Smith's M Train, which is gorgeous.

  6. Catrina- That sounds wonderful!

    Liv- I hope you enjoyed and enjoyed. Lovely.

    Angella- Whatever works is what works, right? I love and adore you.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Ah...sounds very, very good.


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