Sunday, November 1, 2015

Counting My Riches

Why did I say it was almost November this morning when it is obviously already November and why did none of you point that out?
I was so busy changing clocks last night (well, okay, two of them) that I forgot to change the calendar.

Oh well. So. Today has been a day. I did get out and work in the garden for about five fucking hours and cleaned out the hen house and if I have an ounce of strength left in me, I am going to go back out to the garden to thin some more micro-greens (haha!) for a salad. Jessie and Vergil are bringing the Old Man Baby by for a short visit on their way home and I want to be able to have a salad ready and oh yes, I have focaccia rising. What the hell is wrong with me?
I hear they are bringing lots and lots of organic apples and some cider and need to store some in our garage refrigerator. I'm pretty excited about this. Have any of you ever made apple butter? I would love to make some apple butter. Jessie's going to make and can some applesauce for when Gus is old enough to have some.

Mr. Moon is home and he did get one deer and that will be our sausage this year. I feel guilty writing this, knowing that some of you are vegetarians but it's the truth. I knew a woman once who turned down some vegetable and venison soup I made because it had "Bambi" in it but she ate meat all the time. She was simply foolish. I respect vegetarians with all of my heart and have often said that if I had to kill and clean my own meat I would be one too. I suspect that many of us meat-eaters would be.

Well, that's enough of that. I have our air conditioner on and have taken one shower and feel certain that I'll have to take another before bed because that first one only removed the top soil. I am stiff and sore and exhausted but I am happy and the garden looks beautiful and I will get to kiss and hold Gus soon and kiss my daughter and her husband and all-in-all, it's been a very good day, work-wise, at least, and we shall be eating salads and cooked greens all winter long and that's a beautiful thought.
And venison. And eggs.

I may not always know what month it is but I am fabulously wealthy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We arrived on the Gulf Coast from chilly, rainy Illinois yesterday. The temp as we left for breakfast this morning was 84. Imagine our surprise (as in WHAT THE HELL!!!) when we discovered that the A/C in our six-month-old way too expensive pick up truck doesn't work!!! I've been in our RV cleaning and we went out for dinner only after it cooled off. Tomorrow is the pool and a trip to the dealer. A little chuckle for you...hubby asked me if I could find Cox (that's the name of the dealer) on Cortez Street. I very quickly replied, 'honey, a good woman can find 'em on ANY street.' Talk about a belly laugh!

  2. I have made and canned apple butter. It was wonderful.

  3. With all that it is going on in the world there are much worse things than a man going hunting, killing a deer and bringing it home to feed his family. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian so maybe my point of view doesn't matter. But there it is anyway.

    I still haven't changed my clocks. Will go do that now.

  4. I don't hunt but I like venison sausage. and as long as you eat what you kill there is no shame in killing. I filled that mold today so I feel good about that.

  5. How does one make apple butter?

    As to the venison, naw, I'm vegetarian, but if Mr Moon's a good shot and a compassionate hunter, the deer you eat live a far better life than any factory-farmed, tortured cow. And it's far healthier for you. I know there are animals who run away with injuries and the bad hunters leave them to die slowly rather than finishing them off. That's horrible. But dying from a bullet to the head has to be a nicer death than being killed by a bear, for example. I still feel no compunction to eat flesh, but if I did, I'd do it your way too.

    My kiddies loved apple sauce and molasses when they were old enough, And apple sauace in porridge. Mmmmm.

    I should change the calendar too. Tomorrow.

  6. I would absolutely be a vegetarian if I had to kill and clean my own meat. I like to think I'm adaptable, but that's one situation where I don't think I would. Enjoy little Gus!

  7. Catrina- Haha! Love it!

    NOLA- I want to try it. For sure.

    Angella- Mr. Moon did it for me.

    Birdie- I agree. If you're going to eat meat- this is the meat to eat.

    Ellen Abbott- I don't feel shame. I am proud of my husband. He does feed his family.
    Magnolia molds! I would be so happy too!

    Jo- He is a good and compassionate hunter. I promise.

    Lora- I did enjoy him. So very much.

  8. Jo said everything about hunting that I've always thought, and I certainly think that eating wild game should be less cause for guilt than factory farmed meats.

  9. I've made and canned apple butter too. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
    I never know what day it is. Never.

  10. I have vegetarian tendencies, but I would never be critical of someone for killing a deer and then eating it. It's the wanton killing of trophy animals that I can't stand. I'd be a total veg if it weren't for Dave, but I actually kind of ADMIRE people who can kill their own animal food, because I couldn't do it! (Well, I suppose I could if I were REALLY hungry.)

    Love the baby pics. Adorable.

  11. Jennifer- So very true. Plus, better meat in all ways.

    Heartinhand- We would so fail the dementia test.

    Steve Reed- Let us hope that we are never faced with that sort of hunger.


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