Saturday, October 31, 2015


Compare and contrast:

August, and


Also this. Do I have a smart husband or what? 

I cooked the naan. It is delicious. 

Not one trick or treater.


  1. I love Naan bread . With furry and rice, very nice. Your posts on food always make me hungry for your cooking.

  2. That should of been curry not furry !!!!

  3. Brothers indeed. It's funny, once you know them a bit you can then see them exactly in their baby faces. Owen today is clearly seen in his baby picture. I wish I could put a pic in here because I saved one of Gibson that is the cutest e v e r! You can see him exactly in that baby picture too. (He is in a little white T, about maybe 4/5 months old and is grinning hysterically with his top lip pulled down!
    Someday when August has grown to be a little boy we will be able to look back and see him in his baby face too. Beautiful, beautiful boys.

  4. Precious boys whose genes run deep!

  5. we had two trick or was rainy and cold-

    loving the baby pics- both flashback and current!


  6. You have a very smart husband. And divine baby boys.


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