Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boys, Mostly

It has been a most busy day and I am glad for that. My big boys came over this afternoon and we immediately played restaurant. There was a menu and on it were: Cheese Pizza, Carrots, Apple Slices, Orange Slices, Pickles.
Cheese pizza and pickles were selected, along with orange slices.
The food was prepared, drinks were served (ginger ale and juice), and then it was discovered, as always when we play restaurant, that I AM THEIR GRANDMOTHER!
There is always a splendid reunion.
Dessert was mini-Oreos. But not very many.

I also discovered that August ate in a restaurant today. His mama and daddy took him to Fanny's Garden Cafe. 

Lucky boy! Lucky May to have them there. I wonder how she got any other tables served. 

Owen played outside some by himself and Gibson and I read a few books and then Boppy came home and they put a puzzle together and then played outside and Boppy fixed up an old bike and started teaching Owen how to ride it and he had a few spectacular falls and Gibson pretended to mow.

When their daddy came to pick them up, they were not ready to go but finally, we rounded them up and they're coming back tomorrow so all is well.

And all IS well and maybe because of that walk and stretches, I feel a hundred times better tonight than I did this morning. I was in so much pain for awhile that I could feel the natural opioids secreting from my brain in response. I'm not kidding. Or hell, maybe it's just the opioids. Which is a funny word, when you think about it.  

Mr. Moon is getting packed up to leave for Georgia tomorrow. The rain up there has finally quit and so I will be alone for the weekend which I never really mind so much. I will do fun things with my kids, maybe, hang out with Jessie and August and kiss them a bunch. Perhaps I'll even get to drag Hank away from his Gaines Street Festival planning for a quick lunch. I miss that boy. He's been crazy busy with this festival which is a yearly event, along with his trivia work. 

Life just keeps moving. Babies keep growing. And oh yes- the seeds I planted on Sunday are already breaking ground. Three days. 

Sleep well. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I tell ya what, those natural opioids work so well for me they're almost a problem (pushing myself too far, not hearing pain loud enough) - I'm really lucky I didn't ever practice self-harm.

  2. It seems so odd to think of planting at this time of year. We are used to everything dying from the first frost, which will be any night now. I love to hear of your garden growing.

  3. I wish I had these natural opioids right now. The shop bought ones are making my translation wooden and useless.

  4. How big your big boys are getting. And so handsome too!

  5. I did no sit-ups, but I too, did walk. Twice. Long leaf kicking walks. Sigh.
    It's thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I wonder what that will bring.

  6. Hank- Maybe tomorrow?

    NOLA- God. Me too.

    jenny_o- Our fall/winter garden is really the best. So many good greens. It spoils me for store greens for the rest of the year.
    We are lucky.

    Mwa- Well, the trouble with the natural ones is that you can't count on them.

    Angella- Owen has suddenly shot up. I swear.

    Heartinhand- Do y'all eat turkey? Hey girl- update your blog!

  7. I always feel great after a yoga class. grandsons are wonderful. even when they get grown. my grandson came out Tuesday night after he got off work at 10 PM because we needed his help moving a heavy thing. He got up early, moved it for us and then drove back to the city for his day off and the plans he had already made.

  8. Owen is growing so fast, Gibson too. We have big things happening here. My son got engaged, also their offer on a house was accepted. On a sad note my neighbor's 14 year old son is missing, the police think he is a runaway. I can't imagine what she is going through. Gail

  9. Can I make a shy suggestion for while Mr Moon's away? I know he is the Granddaddy and no better person to learn to ride a bike with, but I was told by a cyclist that the best thing kids can do is go round with their feet on the ground just learning balance for a while (like on a balance bike), and then it'll pop into place when their feet are on the pedals - maybe something Owen could practice while Boppy's not there to guide him?

    Jessie and family are Out and About! Such a polite lunch guest August is being. Bless him!

  10. I had left a comment yesterday but I think it must be caught in the Interweb tubes.

    Owen is getting so tall. Riding a bike ad growing so fast. And yet, he is really just a baby himself still. Still little. Bigger than the other grandbabies but still, so young.


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