Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Saga Of Devices And Anxiety, Plus Salvation

So I went to town and I swear, it was like I was on Thorazine or something which I most definitely was not. I wasn't on a damn thing but every place I went I had to sit out in the car for a few minutes to rally myself to get out of the vehicle and go into the building where I needed to go. I was going to take myself to lunch at a local sandwich place but it occurred to me that there could be the possibility, however slight, that a woman I used to know who lives in that area MIGHT BE THERE and I restarted my car and drove away.
I mean, it was probably like one chance in a million but I just couldn't take that chance. Nope. Could not.
So it took me quite a while to do everything I had to do, understandably, and the only person I ran into that I actually know was Togi and that was a gift, not a dreadful occurrence. As many of you know, Togi is someone with whom I feel completely comfortable and whom I trust with all of my heart and he also gives very, very good hugs.
So. Thank you, Togi. It was really good to see you.

When I went to Verizon to see about my phone, I had to wait a little bit but not too long and a guy named Will came to help me and he reminded me somewhat of one of my brothers. Whenever I go to Verizon I really do not want to be perceived as one of those really old people who have no idea how to operate one of them new-fangled computerized machines who should probably take one of their classes on how to use your device.
I doubt I fool anyone.
Will was very nice and when I told him about my camera issue he checked it out and said that yes, it needed help and I could take it to a local repair shop and they could possibly...
"Stop," I said, holding up my hand, palm out like a traffic cop.
"I've been told that since we have insurance, all I have to do is send it in and they will send me a new one. I understand there will be a charge."
"You can go that way," he said. "I'll get you the information."
And he did. And then I asked him how to get all my stuff from my old phone onto the new phone and he told me I could do it either by saving all the information to my iTunes on my computer or I could do a Cloud back-up.
I asked him how to do the iTunes back-up. He told me.
I came home and I did what he said and I see absolutely NOTHING on my computer that says that I transferred all that information to it although it went through the little screens telling me that I was BUT now, on my phone, I seem to have every app I ever bought or had, including the ones I've long since removed.

So then I did a Cloud back-up on the phone which I do not trust because WHAT THE FUCK IS THE CLOUD? REALLY? WHAT IS IT? It's like the Holy Ghost. Everyone has heard of it and many of us pretend we know what it is but honestly, no one does.
No. Not even you. And if you think you do, you're wrong.

And supposedly, if I call the number that Will gave me before 10 pm and pay the fee, they will send me a new phone by tomorrow.
I'm not sure I'm ready to take this step.

Just like my trip to town today, I have a feeling that all of this is going to take far more time than it should. Not because of anything but me and my own incompetence and device anxiety.

I'm going to go make egg rolls now. I am capable of that, I feel certain.

Do you realize that August is four weeks old now? Jessie reports that she and Vergil got him to smile a few times today. Mr. Moon texted her and told her to tell those people in North Carolina to look at him real good so that he can come home now.

And Jessie sent us a beautiful little video of that boy which I cannot (how fitting!) seem to post here. But trust me. It reminded me of what is important and what is just complete and utter needless crap.

Come home soon, little Gussie Glinden. And bring your parents with you. We miss you so.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It seems everything has a cloud these days. And no, I have no idea what it is or how it works. And honestly, I don't really want to. Because it is just one more damn thing I have to learn that will become obsolete in 6 months.

  2. That name: Gussie Glinden. I adore it. And I adore what Mr. Moon told them, too. Ya'll are ALL the best.

    I am sorry about your phone SIT-U-AH-CEE-ON. What goes on in a phone store is as mysterious as The Cloud.

  3. Little Gus is 4 weeks! Goodness that has gone fast. Oh phone technology . I clouds very weird indeed . I just hate change in phones , all that getting to grips with all the functions etc etc etc .

  4. This is one of the goods things about living in NYC. You'd be able to just take your phone to the Apple Store, have a young genius migrate everything over to the new phone, and then head in home with the problem solved. I wish I could do this for you and make life simpler in this small way. I'm fighting a mood too. Not sad really. But sort of hopeless. I'm fighting valiantly. I love you.

  5. There is nothing more frustrating than technology that doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Even when it DOES do what it's supposed to do it's often a nightmare.

    Dave keeps trying to get me to get a new phone, and I'm like, why? What's wrong with my 3G, except that it's so old that when I pull it out, people gasp? It still WORKS!

  6. I have to rally myself to drive somewhere, the going in stores, etc don't bother me. We would make a good shopping pair, with you driving and me going inside. Wishing little Gus and his parents a safe trip home. Gail

  7. I back everything up to an external drive. Don't trust the clouds. Simple as that.

  8. I don't do the cloud. I just back up my stuff on a thumb drive. When I remember to do it. my husband keeps telling me he is going to get me an iPhone but so far it's all talk. I'm happy with my little flip phone. It's easy to understand.


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