Friday, October 30, 2015

Makes Me Want Some Hashbrowns

Good morning, dearies! Here I am and it's a beautiful day and I'm going to Costco with Lily and Gibson and you know how much I enjoy that. The sun is shining and it is relatively cool and I went to take the plastic skeleton out of the little Harry Potter room underneath the stairway but it is not there. When did we lose our skeleton in the closet?

I read way too late last night, which is what I do when Mr. Moon is gone. I am reading the third in the Coromoran Strike series by J.K. Rowling writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith and I'm finding it very hard to put down. Rowling is very, very good at writing in the detective novel genre. Her characters are complex, her murders are hideous, and there is a love story.
What more could a hunting widow lying in bed with her cat ask for?

All right. I need to hustle. Lily has to be in Owen's classroom at 1:30 which doesn't give us much time. I find it slightly unbelievable that one of my own children is now a mother with children in school who goes in to help with parties and so forth. The years I spent volunteering in the classroom! Oh my god.
And now it is Lily's turn and then it will be Jessie's turn and some things never change.

Saw this on the internet the other day and since it combines three of my favorite things, Anthony Bourdain, Stephen Colbert, and the Waffle House, I am passing it along to you.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. thank you for the clip, I can not stay up late enough to catch Colbert, I love both of these guys too much. "I'll take the pretty one".

  2. Love. It's a fine day as well when you stop volunteering in the kids' classroom. I myself have taken an early retirement.

  3. Didn't realize the third cormoran strike novel was out! I'll have to download it. She is such a diverting writer.

  4. Linda Sue- Even my husband has to acknowledge my crush on Anthony. He's even a bit flattered, I think, because like Mr. Moon, Anthony is long and lanky and funny and handsome.
    And of course we all love the Waffle House around here.

    Elizabeth- Haha! Even now I feel a bit guilty because I'm not volunteering in one classroom or another. I keep telling myself- I've done my job. Let someone else step in.

    Angella- Absolutely! The NYT book review says this one is the best. I'm just about halfway through it so I can't judge but right now, as we speak, I can't wait to get into bed and dive back in.


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