Saturday, October 17, 2015

Who Knows?

I have been in the best mood today. Perhaps I should just get ten hours of sleep every night. Who knows?
Not me.
Anyway, I went to Costco and while I was waiting for Jessie in my car, a guy pulls up in front of me, gets out, and MY GOD! IT'S MY FRIEND RICH, WHOM I HAVEN'T SEEN IN FOREVER!
Oh, how we hugged! And we talked and we laughed and then he got to see Jessie and meet August and Rich is just the sweetest man in the world. We met when we were both in Casablanca at the Opera House and he and Kathleen and I just bonded like superglue and we went on to be in a few other plays together. It was a tonic to my soul to see him.
Just pure good.
And Jessie and I walked around the Costco and Gus was in a Moby wrap and was sweet and quiet the whole time until he woke up and decided he wanted nursing so in the middle of the breakfast cereal aisle, Jessie rearranged him so that he could get to the bosom and we proceeded with the rest of our shopping. We sampled everything that wasn't sweet. Neither of us was in the mood for sweet. I personally wished that they'd be passing out samples of angus burgers but they weren't. Dang.
You CAN'T always get what you want. The ravioli with cheese, however, was proof that you can sometimes, get what you need. 
We loaded the cart up with some vegetables and some limes and beer and cheese and other stuff I can't remember and we also looked at all of the Christmas stuff because we thought it was funny and we found an artificial tree we both liked.

It's an 8 foot tall "Winterberry" tree with five hundred and four fairy lights. We agreed that if you're going to get a fake tree, get a fake tree! But hell no, neither one of us is going to pay $149.00 for a fake dead tree with five hundred and four fairy lights. I can find a real dead tree with no difficulty if I really want one and could probably decorate it with five hundred and four fairy lights for about thirty bucks.
Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho and ha-ha-ha!

I was thinking about going to Lowe's after Costco to find some relatively cheap pots to put some rooted plants in but it was far too beautiful of a day to mess with traffic so I did not. I went to the Bad-Girls-Get-Saved-By-Jesus thrift store instead which is on my way home and I bought August a pair of shoes for when he goes camping with his mom and dad.

He'll look just like his daddy. 
I also bought a vintage bag for three dollars with wooden handles

and a red satin lining I could live in. Because...look:

That is what I love about vintage bags. The linings. They were like fabulous lingerie, only in purses.

Okay. Speaking of lingerie, I can't find my damn Coobie bra. It has completely disappeared. I've looked everywhere and cannot find it and suspect that it may have slipped into the parallel universe where my simmer mats now reside. How can you lose a bra? Or a simmer mat for that matter? 
Who knows?
Not me. 

So I drove home the long way because it was such a beautiful day and when I got home I took my time and did the little things that needed doing and just enjoyed every slow thing I did from pulling up the spent Four O'Clocks in the yard to finding the day's eggs. And okay. Here's a confession: I had to text my husband to call me to help me figure out what the hell I did to the TV and remote last night and this was not the first time I've had to do this.
I am such an idiot. 
He called me from a deer blind and so our conversation was whispered but he led me through the steps and I can now, in theory at least, watch TV again. I whispered to him, when our conversation started, that I'd fucked it all up so badly that I was pretty sure we'd have to buy a new TV and remote. He whisper-laughed at me. 
Thirty-something years later and I can still amuse him. 
I need Owen to come and live with me as my service animal. Obviously. He can now open my box at the post office, gather the eggs, turn on the garden sprinklers, and take my arm and lead me in the dark. I am night-blind. He is not. Plus, he does make-overs. And I'm pretty sure he could deal with the remote. 

Here is a picture of that boy and his brother at the local pumpkin patch:

Lily sent it to me. I love it. Aren't they growing up so fast? Stop it, boys! I can't deal with this growing up stuff. Owen has just moved up in kindergarten to the reading group. This is a big deal. It means he knows all of his letters and their sounds and is ready to start learning to read. 
His teacher told Lily yesterday in their conference that he is a wonderful, sweet, terrific boy who is good at learning and everything else. 
We already knew that but it's nice to hear it from a third party. 
Can you believe that Gibson will be in preschool next year? 

How in the world does this happen? 

Who knows?

Not me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Today I thought of you when I saw a magazine but now I am so tired and can't remember if it had Mick or Keith. At this point I think I remember there was yellow on the cover.

    I would consider that tree if it had 505 lights. 504 is just selling the consumer short. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

    Love the shoes! Will this be his first pair? Oh! You should take a picture of them next to Mr. Moon's so one day you can look back and remember just how small they were.

    Your simmer mat, Lisa Marie and now your bra. Sounds awfully fishy to me.

    Did Owen and Gibson get to pick out a pumpkin? I can't believe they are wearing shorts in October but I guess they are young and it is Florida.

  2. Birdie- I will look for the yellow cover with one of my boys on it. Thank you!
    Exactly on the lights!
    I have gotten shoes for Gus before at that thrift store. Before he was born. So these are the first I've bought him AB. After Birth.
    I thought about Lisa Marie when I wrote of the parallel universe. I am really starting to believe in it.
    I don't know if they got a pumpkin. They'll get one somewhere, I am sure. It was in the eighties here today so shorts were appropriate. Did you see the palm tree in the picture?

  3. Mary there is definitely a parallel universe. It is full of single socks, pacifiers and other things. The best way to find your lost socks is throw away your bag of single socks that have lost their partners. Once the rubbish truck has taken the bag of partner less socks the list socks will soon reappear. Simple. Then you can start another bag of list socks and the cycle continues. Big love Mary and a loving squeeze from your soul sister in Australia x

  4. It is not list socks its lost socks. Damm bloody auto correct.

  5. Well you're fiesty-funny today, yes you should always get ten hours of sleep. This made me laugh a lot.

    Public service notice, though, if you spell Angus burgers without a capital, I will read it as 'anus burgers'. Am I alone in that?

    I like the fake tree too, though I am also a fan of dead real trees.

    I never got the hang of breastfeeding in the sling on the move - maybe I never had the right wrap, though I suspect it was more a case of having the wrong boobs. Anyway, it's the handiest, good work, that mama.

    I would say Jason and Lily are doing a magnificent job, but it's not like we don't know that already :)

    1. Jo I once saw an add for black anus burgers , sadly they forgot the g.

  6. Your babies better keep having babies for you to play with because this school thing gets in on the action way too fast! Gibson in school next year? What?!

  7. And congrats to Owen for moving on up to reading; this is a big deal, i know it is. I remember well.

  8. so much wonder in your day! And the bag is to die for with that satin lining. I have a similar one that my Mom made from linen with a pulled thread pattern on the outside, but it has a muslin lining. Yours is beautiful! Perfect to keep the balls of yarn you'll be working with on your next baby projects! And Owen reading....... my, what a bright boy ;-)
    Susan M

  9. Liesha- I am SO glad you found me. Perhaps maybe my parallel universe becomes apparent in Australia. Is this possible? Let me know if you find simmer mats, a stretchy bra and a red hen. Thank you.

    Jo- Okay. I willl, from here on out, capitalize Angus Burgers. I promise. I am so impressed with how well Jessie deals with her baby in all situations. And Lily and Jason ARE amazing parents. Okay. Maybe I didn't fuck up completely.

    Angella- I know. Really? Gibson is a baby. Right? Right?
    No? What the hell?
    And I think that Owen is very proud. We sure do keep telling him that we are proud of him.

    Susan M- Yes. I finally unraveled that ball of yarn I was working on for weeks and have begun knitting something. I'm not sure what it is yet but it will all go nicely into that bag.

  10. It is so nice to run into old friends out of the blue. Those are the cutest little shoes. I have lost bras before and I know why, because I'm in such a hurry to get the thing off. Gail

  11. Oh, that Owen. I vividly remember being in kindergarten, and it's fun to think that he's of the age where he will really remember things. His sweetness makes the whole universe better - I mean, I'm glad that he's so smart and accomplished, but it's the times you tell vignettes of how his sweetness touches other people that just make me so happy to be in the same world as him even though we'll probably never meet.

  12. There must be something in the air this Saturday. Thank God, or, as my stepson Dashiell would say, 'there is no god so just be happy about that.'

    Those boys of yours!

  13. Love the pumpkin patch picture! Those boys ARE growing. Holy cow.

    The bag is great, too. I wonder if squirrels or possums or something are sneaking in and making off with your belongings? :)

    I do not understand artificial Christmas trees. Why buy a big hunk of metal and plastic that will get a few years' use and then wind up in a landfill, where it will never biodegrade, when one can just buy a plain ol' tree that will then be wood-chipped into mulch? (That's if one buys a tree at all, which I must confess we haven't for several years -- but I know it's an imperative with kids around.)

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  16. I always threatened to put heavy books on my grandkids heads to keep them from growing. they grew anyway. and it does seem like they were just babies 5 minutes ago. I keep looking at the ginger canes that bloomed earlier this year thinking I ought to prune them out but while they are raggedy looking they are still green so I leave them. today I think I am going to finish culling out all the dead field sunflowers and weedy grasses that take over the wildflower patch every summer. it will be time to scatter new seeds next month.

  17. My eldest is in secondary school. I don't know how that happened either. It's too bloody freaky.

  18. I hated the aluminum tree when I was a teenager. Nothing like the real deal to me. We still get a tree and decorate. Even with just the two of us, it bolsters the spirit.

  19. This is one of those posts that makes my heart swell with love for your family. Your story about calling Mr Moon reminds me that love can be good with a partner. And those growing boys - well they speak for themselves. And another thing - I really do wonder where your simmer mats went.

  20. I am just amazed at how big those two boys have gotten! That picture is something else! And thanks for the Coobie bra link -- they look pretty great. I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting during the last few days -- I'm just plum overwhelmed with work and stuff. I'm going to have to do some catching up.

  21. we saw that fake ass tree at costco as well. although we don't decorate, if i ever did, that would definitely be our tree. it's tacky as hell and could serve as a cat jungle gym in the off- season.



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