Thursday, October 29, 2015

Well, My Gums Look Good

After I went and got my teeth cleaned by my sweet dental hygienist and she assured me that my gums look great and we showed each other pictures of our grandkids and caught up on the news and so forth, I took myself to the Goodwill because you know- getting out of any medical appointment makes me manic with relief and I have to use that energy to do something CRAZY and in my case, that usually means going to the Goodwill. 

I love to browse through the "bin" part of the Goodwill which is where they keep things like aprons and tablecloths and napkins and place mats. People get those things for gifts and never use them and in fits of trying to simplify they donate them and I snap them up. I found Lily some very pretty place mats and I also bought her a Christmas tablecloth which someone had made, sewing little Santa's by hand all over it and I got myself a new cotton made-in-India tablecloth for my back porch table where I spend a good part of my day. I washed it and put it on the table and I think it may drive me mad. The tiny checks are like optical illusion patterns or something and fuck with my depth perception. I'll try to live with it. We shall see. If I start getting migraines, we will know why. I also got a cashmere sweater which is not the greatest color in the world and it has a tiny hole in it but when it gets cooler (theoretically, it will get cooler here, although it reached 85 degrees today) it will be nice to grab and put on. It's a cardigan and will make a fine chicken-feeding sweater. 

So there was that. Then I went to lunch with my husband at Sonny's barbecue because someone had given him a fifteen dollar gift card and that was okay too. It was nice to be with him but I swear to you- being around people is difficult for me. I am constantly checking everyone out, trying to figure out their stories and today we were across from an old lady in a wheelchair and what I assume was her daughter and a little girl, no doubt her grand daughter who was three years old. I know she was three years old because at one point the old lady was tickling the little girl who complained and said it hurt and the old lady said, "What? I've been doing this for three years and now you say it hurts?"
I did not like that old lady. She kept making the child eat coleslaw before she'd let her eat her macaroni and cheese as if Sonny's coleslaw is one bit better for the human body than macaroni and cheese and she was feeding her although the child was obviously old enough to eat by herself and at one point the old lady gave the little girl a "look" that scared the girl who turned her back and hid her eyes and it scared me too. I think that the old lady was giving her "the look" out of playfulness but let me tell you something- that look was like a super power and should not be used unless it is absolutely necessary. 
So I decided that their story was that the old lady ruled the rest of them like a spiteful and malicious queen and it made me sad. Plus, she had a really annoying accent. 

See? I get way too wrapped up in all of this shit and I have to wonder what made that old lady so mean and was she always that way or just since she's had to be in a wheelchair and so on and so forth and honestly, it's mostly for the best if I just don't go out. 

When I got home, I rustled up a venison meatloaf for my husband to take up to the hunting camp which he left for a few hours ago. Long story. Don't ask. 
Okay, ask. It's for him and his buddy to make sandwiches out of and for him to have bragging rights about his wife's meatloaf. My meatloaf. 
Why does "meatloaf" always sound obscene? 

And then I continued the saga of trying to get my phone replaced and finished up the online claim process but was told that after review, it was determined that my claim was not valid for some stupid reason that was NOT TRUE so it was being refused. 
Let me just say this- insurance companies could suck the joy out of the Dalai Lama's heart. Any kind of insurance company. They all make it as difficult as humanly and technologically possible to make a claim as they possibly can so that eventually, you will just give up and say "Fuck this shit, I can't take it any more."

I am not telling you anything you do not know already. 

So that was my day which was pretty darn so-so.

Except for this picture that Jessie sent me. 

She also sent me a video which of course I cannot post because I have pissed off the gods of technology in some way. But in it, he was trying to talk, quite obviously, and he is officially one month old today. Also? They better bring that child back home soon because I am dying from LOA (Lack of August) and it hurts my heart. 

May we all have sweet dreams but let me point out that I do believe I had my first third-person dream last night and was observing rather than participating which is extremely interesting but it was not satisfying. 
I will say no more about that. Wouldn't be fittin' for a grandmother's blog. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Love you Ms. Moon. August makes my heart pang. He's a beautiful child. Got my teeth cleaned two days ago. Still trying to recover from the trauma. Deep breath. It's all good. X

  2. Little Gus is so cute. Don't underestimate the goodness of good gums. That's great news! The wean old lady is bad news.

  3. Hmm that dream sounds interesting.....

  4. Yes to the dream. And Baby August.

  5. Funky baby!

    I know exactly what you mean about people - and that old lady sounds awful, awful. I get involved and carry it around with me too. The only good thing is that it can go the other way too, and you can be delighted by the sweet stuff. Though that can be hard to take too.

  6. Excellent news about your gums. Seriously.

    These scenarios where you watch people and think their stories - I do know that and worse, I end up talking to them and if need be, dreadfully presumptuous as I am, I make a sharp remark or two and there have been times when my daughter or my man or both (!) had to smile politely and pull me away against my wish.

    It got a bit better since I am not out and about that much. But honestly, there are moments. . .

  7. Hopefully your eyes will adapt to the tablecloth! I kind of like it, myself. And the idea of you feeding chickens in cashmere is great -- like, luxurious but also not.

    Your description of the woman in the restaurant reminds me of the movie "Sybil." Hopefully the little girl is not THAT scarred.

  8. oh, god, people. I avoid them as much as possible. I got a call from my sister last night telling me that if she ever so much as ponders the idea of going to another one of the merchants on the square meetings I was to beat her senseless. small minded small town bs.

    I went to an estate/garage sale yesterday and got a small metal etagere with english ivy leaves on it and a similar plant stand for $10. I've been wanting one to put my little nursery pots on by the back door instead of on the ground, or rather the small patio.

    muggy muggy today. guess we are in for more rain.

  9. I'm still here
    I'm going to go get my grandies today and I can't wait. We may even meet at Costco, where we usually meet them. Apparently, now when they go there, they fully expect to see us every time. This is funny to me. Grandmas and Costco.
    Volunteering at school was literally a full time job for me for about ten years. Man, maybe even more than that. I still gag when I smell a boiled hot dog. Lol

  10. The Dali Lama doesn't have to deal with shit like insurance companies or any of the other shit if daily life. I would be happy too if I lived in a monastery with loose fitting clothing. Abraham Lincoln said something along the lines that people are as happy as they make up their minds to be. He can fuck off too. He never had to deal with call centres in Pakistan when all you want to do is add minutes to a cell phone plan.


    I hope that little girl has another grandma who loves her and lets her know that she is loved beyond words. And I hope she stops tickling her because it does hurt.

    And that baby! So cute!

  11. Gus has grown so much! Is it just the picture, or does that little guy have huge hands?? Gonna be a tall fella :)

  12. Camille- "makes my heart pang." Oh god, yes.

    Joanne- She scared the shit out of me!

    Leisha- It was interesting but as I said, highly unsatisfactory.

    Elizabeth- My arms ache for that child's weight. My lips ache for his skin.

    Jo- So very, very true. I fall in love with complete strangers all the time. And what do you do with THAT?!

    Sabine- Oh yes. I am infamous in my family for stepping in and saying things probably better left unsaid. But you know what? I have never in my life regretted one of those words. Sometimes you just HAVE to.
    It may be our super power. To have the courage to step in where angels fear to tread.

    Steve Reed- Shabby chic at its best definition? As to that old woman- fuck me if she wasn't frightening.

    Ellen Abbott- Are we sure we are not twins, separated at birth?

    Heartinhand- Costco is a wonderful field trip for grandmas and grands. It just is. I have no idea how many years I spent in the classroom, volunteering. I don't regret a second of it, but I am so glad those days are over. It meant a lot to my kids and it gave me a lot of perspective but I am done.

    Birdie- I rarely read a comment that brought me such a big smile as this one did. Yes, yes, yes, YES! Thank you.

    jenny_o- There is something about that little boy's hands which absolutely enchant me. And yes, he is going to be a long, tall fellow. The genes are definitely there.


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