Thursday, October 1, 2015

And Yet The Garbage Still Piles Up

Last night I found this guy or gal leisurely enjoying a catfood dinner.
Oh well.

Good morning! It's a beautiful day here in Lloyd.

I need to get off my ass and cook some food and take the trash and do normal things and when was the last time I took a walk?
This is embarrassing.

I'm still in La-La Land. Let's face it. The world is spinning around without me and that's fine. It doesn't need me in the least. I am in the land of dreamy dreams and my mind can't get off of images like this.

But I need to go make the food so I can go back to see him in person. 
Even though I am quite aware that it is nothing more than evolutionary development which makes us so entranced and in love with babies and their tininess and their smell and their softness and their...everything, I can't help but be as big a fool as anyone over the newness. 
We feel this way so that we will protect and care for and nurture them and make them feel loved and secure. 
Works for me. 

Good morning. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What is that enjoying your cat food? (I am ignorant in the ways of nature.)
    I think you are the most loving and wonderful mother. x

  2. I was worried there wouldn't be a baby picture today...silly me! Thanks..!

  3. Joy, joy! The world is spinning just fine in Lloyd, and you'll get around to that walk, and nobody will ever go hungry or unloved because look at the solar system of LOVE you and Mr. Moon have created.
    Those baby feet and those loving hands. All that joy. Thank you. xo

    ps I love oppossums so much, and always am happy to see them in my yard. They have a tough little life and are so sweet.

  4. I spent the last two days traveling home and am only now just catching up on your posts.
    I am shedding tears of joy reading your posts. Babies are the most exciting thing to happen. Such a miracle.
    That picture of his feet in (Mr. Moon's?) hand. OMG!

  5. That is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! He looks like he is in baby nirvana.

    Is there anything sweeter than baby toes? I don't think so. I'll bet his tiny little hand grasping one of Mr Moon's fingers is a sight to behold x

  6. Is that the same one that came through the cat door, I know you have no way to know that, but it does look like it could fit. Sweet pic of August and Dad. Gail

  7. I met a six month old Kuwaiti baby this afternoon, the sweetest little girl with a big gummy smile. She held my hand and grinned at me and it was very sweet. Her very young father was bursting with pride - it was kinda hard to see her mother through her niqab, sigh, but she seemed beautiful too.


    Those photos are wonderful. It's hard to leave the beautiful glowy womby world of newbabydom and go back out into the world.

  8. sweet baby love. what else do you need. well, OK, some food would probably be nice.

  9. Dear Mary, stay in that wonderful altered state you are in for as long as you can. Xxx

  10. Who needs a walk when there's baby feet to squeeze? More baby pictures , just can't get enough of them. You are the best Mer around. So much love.

  11. Look at those feet. Amazing to think that in so little time he will be sharing adventures on here with his cousins.

  12. All the baby pictures? So fucking yummy. I just want to nibble on those little baby toes!


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