Monday, October 12, 2015

Nothing Profound Today

I could, if I so chose, to have picked great armfuls of the wild flowers blooming right now but I do not want to rob the bees and so brought home only a small bouquet of that which is blooming.

The new shoes were fine on their maiden voyage and my left foot seems to have healed itself in the night unlike my brain which dreamed that I was in Cozumel but it was a different Cozumel and it had all turned into a horrible tourist trap and even the water wasn't beautiful and when I went up into one of the hoods, they were having a huge celebration, singing a song about how happy they all were when the cruise ships left.
Guilt IS my middle name. I swear to you.

Anyway, it is a beautiful fall day here in North Florida and there is not one cloud in the sky and that is actual fact, not a metaphor. I am about to take a shower and go see my little man baby. I miss him too much.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. How is that little manbaby? Still cheerful?

  2. Ha! And not even Catholic. The guilt gets them all!

  3. I have yet to fully wake up after my weekend of food and drink and dancing and celebrating.

  4. Glad to hear your foot is better. I had a weird moment when one of my feet was really sore. Same as you , the next day was fine.

  5. that vase of flowers is profoundly lovely. perfect colors and light. thank you.

  6. Jo- See tonight's post!

    Mwa- And you know, after I read The Nun's Story, I really thought I might want to be one, despite not being Catholic.

    Ellen Abbott- GOOD!

    Liesha- It's still a bit weird and doesn't want to bend correctly but it doesn't hurt as much. Who knows? Not me.

    Angella- Those flowers brought me a lot of pleasure. When I walked and saw them, when I picked them, when I brought them home. Now they're in my hallway and are bringing me even more.


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