Monday, October 19, 2015


Sometimes it finds its way in, doesn't it?


  1. OH my goodness, yes, yes it does. Exactly true.
    And yet within the melancholy is beauty, yes, because without the heavy dark, could we love so tenderly the uplifting autumn colour and sweet nearly rotting flavour of apple?

    Best to you this fine day Ms. Moon.
    Another Mary
    In cool Canada

  2. I know the melancholia finds you, not you it, but join me in remembering that crazy road trip we took to Milton with Kathleen and Rich. Ever since you mentioned his name, I've been laughing about the "secret door knock."
    Love you,

  3. Mary- Hello! I am glad you are here.

    Jan- That WAS a crazy road trip. I've been thinking about it too.
    "He just doesn't know how to take. All he can do is give and give and give!"
    And remember how cold it was backstage in Milton? Oh my goodness. That was quite a day and a night.

    Angella- I know you do.

  4. Yes it does hit. I have little bouts of if and I hate it . Xx

  5. It does. Sometimes it slips quietly beside you, other times it mows you down. But it is always unwelcome. Always.


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