Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Don't Know Shit, Part 45,302

Oh, but I have had the lazies today. I did get the mopping done and that feels good. You cannot believe the black, greasy dirt and dust of Lloyd. I just went and cleaned off the glass top table on the front porch. This is what the rag looked like when I was finished:

I cannot help but wonder if part of this is due to the century or so of the railroad tracks being in my back yard. I don't know but that's what it looks like. 

All of a sudden, my left foot and ankle are not working right. Nothing appears to be swollen but it hurts from the ankle on down and doesn't want to bend right. It did this the other day but passed after I used it some. Today, it has not passed. 
I don't know what the hell's going on. I do know that that's my "good" foot. 
Getting old can make you cranky. Which makes you feel old. Which makes you feel cranky. Which makes you feel...

August's culture already came back. Negative. So that is good. No antibiotics needed at this point! Hurray! We don't want to mess up his bacterial biome at this point. Tomorrow we will see what the dermatologist says. 

Mr. Moon is back from Georgia and has gone over to see his big grandboys. He offered to tote me with him but I decided to stay here and remain lazy. I laid on the love couch for awhile and read more New Yorker articles. I have no idea why. At this moment I can't remember anything I just read. Oh yeah, an article on an American/Chinese-owned bank. Information I will never use. 

Here's my view from the love couch. 

It's such a fine place to be lazy. I am so glad I bought that thing. 

And that's about it from the magical kingdom of black dirt. In the real world, I see that Ann Coulter has said that if Donald Trump doesn't get elected, she'll have to change careers because it will all have been meaningless. "All" including Fox News. And that her next book will be a cookbook if that happens. 
As if NOT electing Donald Trump wasn't already a great idea. 
But I do have to ask- what sort of recipes would Ann Coulter write about because she obviously lives on one lettuce leaf and three cotton balls a day.

All right. That's about all the speculation I can handle today. 

Your Faithful Correspondant...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like a nice day having a chill and reading. I am reading a wonderful old book about life on a ranch in Maui in the late 1800s. Glad to hear August's skin swab us negative , still a bit of a mystery isn't it? Big love Mary dear xxx

  2. Agh, my PMS self is wants to burst into tears! I'm so proud of the doctors for not just loading him with antibiotics! I wonder is this better practice in the US, or just a change in understanding in the 8 years since my son was born? Now August is definitely not infected, I can say that they told me 'a healthy newborn can go from fine to near death in an incredibly short time, you have to give him the antibiotics!' It took 3 days for his cultures to be ready. Watching my tiny child hooked up to a machine pumping antibiotics into his day old body was not a good experience for me.

    And I'm SO HAPPY you guys don't have to go through that.

  3. I am so pleased to hear about August's test results. Rest easy Ms moon. I love the view from your love couch. I hope your ankle/foot feels better quickly. Love.

  4. Leisha- I am so glad you have found me. I love your comments.

    Jo- I have no idea but I do know that I am grateful that my little Gus Guy didn't get started on antibiotics. Please forgive yourself for letting them scare you with Dade. Owen had a bit of a temp after he was born and they gave him antibiotics and look how strong and healthy and well he is! We do what we must and let's face it- antibiotics have saved countless lives, even if they are overused.

    Joanne- I finally and at last get to enjoy my "library". It is a glory. Now- this foot and ankle- what the fuck? I am sure it will resolve itself. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad I found you too, a kindred spirit. Xxx

  5. Lot's I want to say from here in England. But am under the weather as they say here when they really mean proper poorly and am also sleep deprived. But did want to say that whilst not commenting I am reading and worrying with you about dear August. Thankful as everyone else that no Anti Bs needed. Also wanted to say that despite me being a Brit and we don't do being all emotional etc. I love ya and I love your family. You brighten my life even when you have me worried. Hope ankle and foot OK. If not gird yer loins and see the doc. I am phobic about docs too so I get ya. Long saga too tedious to relate. Anyway this is longer than planned! Never mastered the art of a short note. Maggi xxx

  6. if ann coulter can make anything other than a cocktail, i'd be surprised...


  7. Is your pain possibly related to the new walking shoes? I do not like mystery pain; it makes me feel old, too. If I garden and then hurt like the dickens for three days, that's okay. But pain for no reason? Bah.

  8. Great post except for seeing AC's name here. Ugh.

  9. so happy to hear August's culture was negative. I've been thinking about him - and his parents having to deal with this stress. Ann Coulter? A cookbook? Please say it isn't so Hope your ankle and foot benefit from some time on your love couch today and glad Mr Moon is safely home. Sounds like its time for a cocktail ;-)
    Susan M

  10. That love couch looks like a wonderful place for a lazy afternoon.

  11. I'm pretty sure if Anne Coulter is cooking anything, it will surely involve eye of newt and wing of bat and shit like THAT.
    I just finished the book club pick for October, it is called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." It was good after I slogged through the first bit. Anyway, it's about books and friendship and the war and family and tragedy and comedy. It's got it all. Lol
    Are you taking supplements? Maybe you need some glucosamine? Or maybe the weather is going to change.
    Gus' rash will pass. He's just getting used to his pollutant-laden surroundings. He came from a pristine womb to this crazy black dirt covered earth, he's bound to have a few growing pains. Lol

  12. I'm going to send you a picture of my baby boy when he had his face rash. I bet it is the same. He was just fine. Love the view from your love couch.

  13. Let me tell you the rest of the world is hoping that you lot don't choose that one for president. He gives us all a giggle right now at "those crazy Americans," but we wouldn't be laughing if it was him with his finger on the button.

  14. Oh and I got stuck inside Orange is the New Black - read until two last night! Lucky I got a nap in the afternoon. x

  15. Glad to hear about August. As for Ann Coulter, does anyone still listen to her? I thought she and Sarah Palin had entered the realm of the has-beens by now. But maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

  16. Someone came into the library the other day and wanted to know what we had by Anne Coulter. I had to read the titles off to her with a straight face, including "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans." "That sounds sort of odd," the woman said, frowning. After some discussion we realized she actually wanted books by Catherine Coulter. Ha!

    Glad August doesn't need antibiotics. I hope the rash clears up soon. It's so hard to know what to do as parents, when babies have these mysterious things crop up.

  17. catching up as usual. it's scary to be a first time mom with a little bitty baby. maybe his little skin is just still too sensitive.

  18. One lettuce leaf and 3 cotton balls :)))) Laughed right at my desk.

  19. Leisha- XXXOOO.

    Maggi- I love long comments. And yes, we Americans tend to be mushy and overly emotional but I appreciate the sweet calmness that you bring. So much. Thank you. I hope you are better soon!

    Mrs. A- One would doubt she has a kitchen.

    jenny_o- Nope. Not the new shoes. Today was the first day I walked in them. I still have some stiffness in the ankle but it is much better. Jeez.

    Elizabeth- She is an alien. Have you ever looked at her hands? ARGGGGHHHH!

    Susan M- A cocktail or two was greatly enjoyed. Yes m'am.

    jo(e)- It is perfect.

    Heartinhand- I can't take glucosamine. I tried. It made me break out. Sigh...
    Yep. Gus is fine. He's just adjusting to life on earth. We are not native to this planet. I swear.

    Angella- You have no idea how much comfort your report of your son's baby rash has given me. And look at him now!
    Thank you.

    Mwa- He is yet one more embarrassment for so many of us here. I'm sorry! We're insane.
    Obviously. Except we did elect Obama twice. And if only we could elect him again...
    I'm glad you like the book! A hugely different perspective, eh?

    Steve Reed- They're good-looking women (if you like their types). They will not disappear that easily.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Haha! That's wonderful. I'm so glad she wasn't looking for Ann.

    Ellen Abbott- Yep. Pretty much that's what the problem was.

    SJ- She's a bone.


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