Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Miracle Of Small Things

I did my exercises and stretches this morning, I took my walk. Today I went to the old graveyard which is hidden from view except in winter when the trees have lost their leaves, the dead their complete privacy. I have heard that there is another old graveyard in the woods or swamp behind my house and I have never hiked back that there to try and find it. It is heavily posted and I know that hunters lease the land but perhaps some day, when it is not hunting season, I will go back there and look around.

I got this picture from Jessie this morning. The little boy who worried us all so much.

"Who me?" he says.
I could look at those fingers for days. Yesterday, when his mama was changing him, he was sucking on his pacifier and he held on to my finger with those tiny ones and no matter how many times this has happened to me with my own children, with my grandchildren, I will never get over the awe of it. The incredible perfection of them, their knuckles, their fingernails, their strength and abilities. Their absolute beauty.

The little anoles are basking in the sun all over the back porch by the screen today as if it were some sort of national anole sun festival day.

Perhaps they are merely charging their warmth batteries. It is supposed to get down into the fifties tonight. Could they possibly know? 

I feel quiet today, wordless. I have stirrings in my soul and heart but they are hidden deep away, they cannot bear the light of day...
Let them work as yeast works bread, to live or not.

Meanwhile, I will go about my small day here in this sunshine, in this time of fall-flowering, of drier air, of bright sunlight, of deep blue sky, of slow intent and curious wanderings. I just watched one of the lizards scratch his head with his hind foot and then snap up a bug so small that I couldn't even see it from where I sit.
It is that sort of day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. When Laura Edwards was born on October 21, 1847, in Jefferson County, Florida, her father, John, was 51 and her mother, Louisa, was 33. She married John Guyton Fondren on November 10, 1864. She then married James J Willie and they had eight children together. She died on February 16, 1885, in Lloyd, Florida, at the age of 37, and was buried in Jefferson County, Florida.

    Laura Edwards married John Guyton Fondren on November 10, 1864, when she was 17 years old.
    Death of Husband
    Her husband John Guyton passed away on February 1, 1865, in Thomasville, Georgia, at the age of 21. They had been married 0 years.


    Laura Edwards married James J Willie on September 9, 1868, when she was 20 years old.

    1868 - Her daughter Julia Edwards Edwards was born in 1868 in Lloyd, Florida.

    1871 - Her daughter Maude Vere was born on June 14, 1871, in Lloyd, Florida.

    1872 - Her daughter Lila Hollingsworth was born in 1872 in Lloyd, Florida.

    1874 - Her daughter Louise Houghton was born in 1874.

    1876 - Her son James J. was born in 1876.

    1878 - Her daughter Mamie Winn was born in 1878.
    Mamie Winn Willie

    1882 - Her daughter Laura Caroline was born on August 25, 1882.
    Laura Caroline Willie.

    1883 - Her daughter Isabelle Knox was born in 1883.

    Death - Laura Edwards died on February 16, 1885, in Lloyd, Florida, when she was 37 years old.

    There you go! :-)

  2. What a face! And yes, those hands. Babies are amazing.

    Anoles are amazing too.

  3. Yesterday little August was hugging himself and clasping his hands and today he's pointing at himself. He's precious! The lizards, I'd run from.

  4. that photo of August is a stunner Mary. he is gorgeous but the photo has depth and something else some kind of magic to it. stunning.

  5. Beautiful words today, Mary. I'm soacking them up like the lizards do the sun.

  6. Birdie- Oh my god! You've probably just traced half the history of Lloyd there! I wonder if any of these people were born in my house?
    Thank you!

    Steve Reed- It's a regular anole gathering here today! They are keeping me amused.

    Joanne- These lizards are so small and so harmless. You would not be afraid of them.

    Rebecca- Because his mother took it and her love came through. That's what I think.

    Jo- Aw. Thank you.

  7. I did a little more digging and found that she lived in District 12, Jefferson, Florida. Not sure if that means anything to you. There were not address like you would see today for rural communities at that time. Haven't yet found anything more concrete. I did find out she died of Pneumonia.

    I also found this.

  8. look at those long fingers! my son also had very long fingers when he was born.

  9. I know what you mean about the stirrings. Keep them safe and water them lovingly until they can stand the light of day. August is so beautiful, with those old soul eyes and those artist hands. How he gazes at his mother.

  10. Babies change SO FAST, don't they? In two weeks your little grandson has gone from a petal just uncurling, to a wide-eyed little person!


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