Thursday, October 15, 2015


Oh dear. It's not the best picture and not even in focus but it's what I have. Hank and Jessie and August and I met at the Indian buffet and we ate while August was mostly sleeping and so we sat and talked for forever.
Yes. I do go out to lunch with my kids a lot but it's how we connect, frequently. It's a good thing and we laugh and we talk and we eat mostly delicious foods and now we have that little Gus boy to come along with us and that makes it even better. Tomorrow Owen has a day off of school because it is teacher planning day and Lily has a parent-teacher conference with his beloved teacher at 10:00 and so I'm going to go stay with the boys while that happens and then we're going to Japanica! because Owen hasn't gotten to go on one of our lunch dates in forever, he being a grown-up school kid with a real schedule and all. And then the boys are coming home with me because Mama has to work and Papa doesn't get off until later and besides, they need to come here and play and be with their Mermer because that's the way it should be.
And it makes us all happy.

I've been in a lot of pain today. One of the things we talked about at lunch was how we wished we could transfer our pain to someone else for just a little while. Ten or twenty minutes, maybe, to see what they thought about the pain level. Not necessarily to get sympathy but perhaps to be told, "Oh yeah, that isn't so bad," which could reassure us. Wouldn't it be something if that's how our practitioners diagnosed us? If they could feel what we are feeling and use that to figure out exactly where our pain is? Sure, it's a shamanistic idea or maybe a Star Trek idea but it would be an interesting method of not only diagnosis but also one that might further empathy in a pain-trained doctor. I doubt many would sign up for that particular ability though. I mean, I'm not sure I would.

But anyway, la-di-dah, and here's what I spent at least forty-five minutes on this evening.

Tiny thinnings from the garden which I washed and thumb-nail snipped the roots off of and that will be going into our salad tonight. It delights me that the mustard seedlings already taste like mustard greens, the arugula seedlings already like arugula. This is not unlike a baby's personality which is not completely apparent at birth but a little bit. The sproutling will grow up to be who he or she is at birth, but of course always affected by whatever nurtures or doesn't.

I'm rambling. I'm sorry. I'm tired and as I said, somewhat in pain. It's actually been a terrific day and I'm sure tomorrow will be too and please, please, please dear god and goddess of dreams, give me a fucking break. The physical stuff I can take a few Ibuprofen for. The mental stuff, not so much.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What kind of pain are you in? Where is it that hurts? Funny how a day can be a good one despite pain.

  2. I sure hope you have sweet dreams and the pain diminish. Great to have lunch with the family. It is indeed a good way to connect with family. X

  3. It's too bad you aren't here, I'd sit you in my hot tub with the jets on. Although I'd probably have to turn it up for you since it's set at 102 F and you're used to living in that every day. Lol!
    I love the pic of Hank and Gus!
    I wish my babes were closer and we could go for lunch all the time.

  4. That is a hilariously terrible photo of me and Gus. But it was a great lunch.

  5. Unless pain comes from a sticking out broken bone, or from a blood-gushing wound, it is invisible, and often disbelieved. It's heartbreaking. I wish those with chronic pain could all have MRI's available that would show the parts of their brain connected with pain lighting up for their doctors to see and their families to recognize. It would take away the stigma of laziness and malingering that lies heavily on many sufferers.

  6. I hate hearing that you're in pain. You really, really, really should find some CBD/THC. Honestly, I'm talking to more and more people who are using it to great effect for pain and inflammation.

  7. I read an article about an empath nurse who has ... I can't remember the term for it, but she feels what her patients are feeling. She's not the only one, either - it's incredible, really. Definitely makes her a better preactitioner, yes!

    I hope you feel better soon. Pain makes everything so difficult. Makes it hard to be yourself.

  8. I wish my virtual hug could see your pain...hoping you slept well!

  9. Is this the foot that you were talking about in your comment to me? I hope it's not too bad. Mine seems better than it was.

    I love the idea of transferring pain just temporarily to help evaluate it. It IS very Star Trek!

    It's fascinating how young creatures are themselves, even when they're babies -- or plants.

  10. Oh Mary. I'd eat lunch every day with my kids if I could :)

    Your idea about pain is brilliant, it would be great for another perspective. I think chronic pain cascades into more easily registered pain so that it feels and is worse than it should be because the nerves are just frazzled. My neck, shoulders, collarbones and all the muscles in between are either achy, stiff or in spasm for days now. It's grating, and hard to function normally because it's so distracting and frustrating. Waaah.

    Not sure what's hurting on you, but I feel your pain and wish you could find a way to get rid of it. At lunch this week with my oldest friend, we talked about our necks and backs and the options - drugs, PT, injections, surgeries, no good options really. She said it's just going to keep getting worse from here on, isn't it? Most depressing question I ever heard.

    Here's to hoping for good health for us all... Hope you feel better soon. xo

  11. I hope your pain will just vanish over night. As any decent pain really should.

  12. hoping your pain, of whatever nature it is, miraculously dissipated as soon as the boys were there! And wouldn't it be nice to transfer it to someone *deserving* for a while? Peace and blessings on you and your family
    Susan M

  13. Not fun to be in pain. I start most of my days with an Alleve Liquigel. So much physical work with the horse and gym and sailing. Probably not the best thing but better than being stiff in the bones.

  14. Angella- Just my usual joint pain, especially hips, but sometimes it is just so much worse.
    You know. I know you do.

    Leisha- And Gus was so good and let us talk and visit. He is such a fine baby.

    Heartinhand- Oh. I would love your hot tub! Thank you for the thought! And it is lovely to get to go to lunch with my babies.

    That Hank- You should have seen the other one.
    We had fun though, didn't we?

    jenny_o- It's true. I think a lot of us feel like we ARE just being whiney babies when we are in pain.
    I do.

    Elizabeth- God. I do. I wish Florida was a bit more...intelligent.

    Jo- I'm pretty glad I'm not THAT empathetic. Can she turn it off?

    Desiree- Thank you! I almost always sleep well.

    Steve Reed- A hard day at the office would take on new meaning, wouldn't it? Ha!

    Mel- Yes. I think there is a lot to be understood about pain that we do not yet but I agree with you- the nerves just do get frazzled. And more pain leads to more inflammation...
    At least that's how it feels.
    And I keep thinking that I'm going to just wake up one day and be "normal." Which is so ridiculous. This IS the new normal. And has been for quite a few years, actually.
    Ah, the stubborn brain.

    Sabine- As YOU know. I feel like a complete wussy for even mentioning my little pains when I know what you're going through. I think of you all the time.

    Susan M- Mmmm....
    Donald Trump?

    Syd- That's probably what I should do. I often take Ibuprofen before bed and that does help me sleep.

  15. if doctors could feel our pain it might make them too afraid to doctor us knowing what they were about to inflict on us.


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