Monday, October 26, 2015

Let It Rain

I think I am having a mid-old-age crisis.
Not much to say about that except it's every bit as frustrating and confusing as any other mid-life crisis.

Or perhaps I am just making this up.

It is gray here and warm and the dirt trails are soft sand and hard to walk and I think we're going to get rain from Hurricane Patricia as it makes its way from Pacific to Gulf to Atlantic, it's tendrils and trails and traces and tentacles, some of it bringing water and perhaps wind. I do not know.

I really don't know much today.

Which is very much the same as all other days.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. And the rain fell down. Here in Jackson, MS the trails of Patricia hit us over the last 24 hours with 5 inches of rain and 30 mph winds. I am beyond thankful for it. It had not rained at my house since July 5th! Worst drought on record for us. As my daughter posted on Facebook today, "Only in Mississippi can you go from a burn ban to leave no wake in a 24 hour period." Maps indicate it's headed your safe.

  2. For being the biggest baddest storm in recorded history, Patricia sure did fall apart fast. we got plenty of needed rain but nothing torrential, just a steady medium rain that lasted from about noon on Saturday to about 4 PM on Sunday. I don't know if it rained more during the night last night but today is gorgeous.

  3. Here in my part of Australia we had some beautiful spring rain. My garden this morning is looking perky and refreshed. Hope all is good in your world.


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