Friday, October 2, 2015

We Are So Blessed, Part Ten Thousand

Rain is falling down and the doors and windows here and at the church next door are opened and I sat with my martini on the front porch and rocked and lifted my eyes to heaven and then closed them and I could have fallen asleep right then to the sound of the rain and the music.

I texted Jessie and asked if she's taken August out into the rain for his baptism. She said, "No. I'm too lazy."

Then she sent me this.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So good for that little baby to be near his dad when he plays. You are blessed with this family of yours.

  2. what a spectacular week in the life of your family. the purest joy.

  3. Every time I come here this week I get chills. And sort of want another baby (though that's impossible for us now). I love these posts. And that picture of August and Vergil playing the cello? Holy indeed.

  4. Wow. Just wow.

    Jessie girl you are not lazy! Tired and exhausted with your body surging with hormones but not lazy. Rest and sleep, dear one. The rains will come again. xo

  5. Look how alert that boy is already. Y'all got another keeper who will be a music lover, too. x0x0 N2

  6. I agree with Birdie, of course, but sometimes lazy just feels like the comfiest thing.

    August is the most blessed of lucky little boys.

  7. I love sharing your joy here, Moon family. August seems very alert.
    Someone wrote that he's a lucky boy and I couldn't agree more. I hope the sodden with love feelings never go away. You are spreading those feelings far and wide. xo Anon Suz

  8. when our son was 6 weeks old we went to the beach and though I kept him covered from the sun, half his little face got red from the reflected light off the sand. his skin was/is so tender.

  9. August has been baptized into music...I can only imagine the wonders that await that precious boy!

  10. Syd- He picked the right family to be born into.

    Joanne- I know! Me too!

    Angella- It's so true. SO true.

    Taxmom- Hello! Isn't it priceless?

    Ramona- I hear you on the wanting a new baby. There's just nothing like that feeling, is there? But eventually, the time comes, when you know you just can't. But it is so lovely to be reminded of how it all felt.

    Birdie- I was joking with her but in a way, serious too. I've always said that that's how my babies got baptized. The rain is the holiest of all holy waters possible.
    But yeah, it WILL rain again.

    N2- Vergil's whole family is musical. His mom is an incredible musician and Vergil is no slouch either.

    A- By MY definition it is.

    Jo- Isn't that the truth?

    Anon Suz- More joy is more joy. That's how I feel about it!

    Ellen Abbott- It happens! And they survive. Tender babies.

    Catrina- He surely seems to be interested in discovering them to the very best of his newborn abilities.

  11. Insert image of eyeballs welling up!


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