Monday, October 5, 2015

What To Do

On my to-do list today:
Take deer to food processor in Monticello to be made into cube steak and other recognizable things, wrapped in white paper. Mr. Moon already has the giant cooler in the back of my vehicle and all I have to do is drive it over there.

Sometimes I wonder how I got here.
Here being a life where I take a deer to a food processor.

It rained gently all night and that will either help the garden or rot the seeds. We shall see which. Despite the gentle sound of the rain, I had weird dreams. My mother was involved. She was very much alive and I was confused in my dream because I remembered her dying.
How can this be? I wondered. I knew she had died, and yet here she was, very much alive, living on her own. I thought perhaps I should go to a therapist to figure this out.
Another woman I'd known as a child appeared but I knew she was a ghost. We had a little chat and then I watched her dissolve.
"You are so beautiful," I told her, and indeed she had been. One of the kindliest women I'd ever known.

No wonder I feel strange this morning, a bit anxious, not sure what I should be doing besides taking in the deer. I haven't seen Owen or Gibson for a few days and that feels odd. I haven't seen August in two days and that feels odd as well.

I suppose I'll just let the day unfold as it will.

Meanwhile, the rain patters, the chickens bawk, the cats walk the yard, that train is long gone, the online news is as bizarre and dreadful as ever and for the lucky ones, life goes on.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yay for deer in the freezer though...hugs Carroll

  2. I dreamed about my mother this morning too. It's drifted away at this stage, though, I just know I did.

  3. good morning dear mary. i hope you see owen and gibson soon. tell them i miss them!

  4. and in case you're wondering, you can never post too many photos of your grand babies.

  5. I have had those dreams about my mom as well. Actually, I had one where she came to me and she didn't know she had died and I had to tell her that she did and it was OK to go. Dreams do have a way of rattling us don't they?

    Is baby August going to be called Gus? I think both are most excellent names.

  6. Oh! I forgot to tell you that after you mentioned the book, Slug Kitchen, I got a copy at the library and ended up buying it. I have never bought a cookbook in my life other than The Joy of Cooking.

  7. perhaps you mother just came to visit. I've only dreamed about my dead mother once. it didn't resolve anything. and I think I need to avoid FB for a few days. people suck. I've become a kami-kazi commenter.
    I make my unpopular comment on whatever piece of shit meme some idiot is posting and then never go back to read the subsequent replies. what's the point. I'm not going to change their minds and most of them are just a string of insults anyway.

  8. Believe it or not, I've cut up deer before. At the kitchen table.

  9. At least you're not having to dress that deer yourself. That would be more than I could handle. My grandmother drew the line at dressing my grandfather's deer. I think that's why he eventually stopped shooting them and instead just sat out in the woods with his gun, watching them.


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