Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some Of The Things Which Have Made Me Happy Today

Getting help in the garden. We got it all cleared out. Except for the Rosemary which still looks good and a few volunteer potato vines which I did not have the heart to pull.

The Southern Beauty Queen of the flower blossoms. Confederate Rose. Now there's a use of the word "Confederate" I can get behind.

I pretend it's prom and they are the decorations.

My red passion flower which never blooms until it's about to get cold. Isn't that just starkly red? I mean, that is RED, y'all. 

Prince Peach August is in the house!
Yep. He came over with his mama and his daddy. Vergil's sitting in a deer blind (probably sleeping) and Jessie's snuggled up in my bed with that fine, fine little man. 
Could anything possibly make me happier? 
Well, maybe when Jessie and August and Lily and her little girl are all snuggled up in there together. I don't know why but there is something just so absolutely peaceful and sweet about having my baby sleeping with her baby in my bed. 

I'm cooking black-eyed peas and have bread rising. 

Oops! August woke up. Now he's sitting on the couch with his mama getting some supper, and she's eating boiled peanuts, watching the FSU game with her daddy and our neighbor. 

Dang, but life is good. 


  1. Life is indeed sweet as are you dear Mary xx

  2. Oh lord I miss boiled peanuts. We had a family bed. I'm so glad. Everyone was horrified but fuck em if they can't take a joke.

  3. I can only imagine your vast contentment – life so good and right, gardens and babies and peace.

  4. Those prom decorations are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. All of this sounds like a perfect start to life for August. I had boiled peanuts while watching the FSU game too. They were from a can, not homemade. Gail

  6. well, no babies in my life but I do have a puppy who thinks she is a baby, wanting to be held and in my lap all the time.

  7. Oh! my confederate rose is blooming too. they are opening white and turning pink through the day. and I love the red passion flower vine. have to get me one of those.

  8. Life IS good. Even here where all the flowers have frozen to death.


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