Sunday, October 18, 2015

Menu For Tonight

Mr. Moon is home from the woods and I started cooking small navy beans this early afternoon to make venison white bean chili. It is one of our favorites. I am missing cilantro and also green chili peppers which I usually use but I added a jar of very good salsa verde and that will have to make up for them. Thank god I realized at an early age that there are no cooking police.
I've also got a loaf of bread rising. Olive oil and rosemary bread. I am lazy, unlike Rebecca, and use my Kitchen Aid to knead it. I used to knead all my bread by hand but haven't lately. Sometimes, for a small loaf of bread or pizza crust, I even use the food processor. It's a decades-old Cuisinart and it is one of my favorite appliances.
I do love my appliances, don't I?
And I just spent some time in the garden on my knees, thinning again.

I think we can now call these micro-greens. 
And there is still more thinning to be done and this is the first year I've ever really made a concerted effort to do this in a careful and conscious way and to use the tiny sprouts that I pull. It makes me feel good to already be using something green from the garden in our salads. It's time-consuming but so what? I have the time. Might as well put it to good use.

It's supposed to get down to 48 degrees tonight. Try not to laugh but this sounds a bit shocking to me. I may have to get the duck out. For those of you who don't know, the duck is my down comforter and I love it but my husband fights it. We are such different people in so many ways, one of them being body temperature. 
He sleeps with a sheet while I sleep with a quilt doubled over and a down blanket. When I get out the duck, he will sometimes pull up the cotton blanket which I have added to my pile of covers. 
And yet...I want the window open over my head and the fan on too. 

Lord. How do any two people actually merge in a marriage and make it work? 
I guess you just need a king-sized bed and a sense of humor and some fooling around and a whole lot of love.

Martinis don't hurt. 

A week from today, we'll have been married for thirty-one years. 

It ain't broke. I have no desire to fix it. 

Time to make the salad. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your cooking sounds delicious. I have the same problem with my husband. He runs at a different temperature than I do. Husband and I celebrated 31 years of marriage last month. Crazy as I am only 51. Cannot believe I was 20 when i married. X our youngest baby is 10 so we married young and had our babies late .

  2. I am missing my husband so bad today, I won't see him for another eight days. He's been gone almost two weeks. Wahh! I'm a wreck!
    That's 8C for us Canadians. It's currently 11C where I am and it's light jacket weather, for sure.
    That micro salad sounds amazing, all fresh and yummy.

  3. The missus here has used a cousin art for doughy stuff for a long time. She finds kneading quite dull.

  4. I haven't been under a down comforter in a year and I so long for that! Love the weight and warm comfort it brings.......I think of Temple Grandin and her *squeezing*........which is what a down comforter does for me. Pure calm and joy. Hope I'll be able to experience that again one day soon! Sheet is all I can handle since we have eternal summer here in Calif. this year. But my husband and I are also polar opposites in temperature.......he always cold, me always warm and after 32 years it still works as it does for you. Your venison stew and microgreens sound wonderful........ glad Mr Moon is home
    Susan M

  5. I'm intrigued by your micro-greens -- are those actually THE micro-greens that hipsters talk about and Whole Foods sells?

    And I'm jealous of your cold coming in. It's supposed to get up to the high 90s again in southern California next week. Boo.

  6. I found you years ago now when Maggie May linked your post "getting out the duck." So I am fond of the duck. It was the first thing I knew about you.

  7. Microgreens! You are so trendy! :)

    Dave and I run at different temperatures too -- so it's not just a gender thing! I am generally much "cooler" than he is and I like my blankets, although weirdly, he usually turns on the heat first. (Because I'm cheap.)

  8. It's been getting quite chilly here, 57˚ right now. this week it's supposed to be high 60s to mid 80s. what I wish for though is some rain. it's been weeks and we are currently under a burn ban. I've had to just let the hose run in different areas as just had watering wasn't getting the job done. no down quilt for me but I do have some polartec blankets that I love to snuggle under.

  9. We had snow last night. Yeah. Snow. It's gone now, but - like Arnie - it WILL "be back"!


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