Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time To Catch Up

Thank you, Facebook, for reminding me that my garden looked like this five years ago today. Or maybe it was one year ago. I can't find the post again. Anyway, today is the day I've designated as the day to get in there and rip out the remnants of the summer garden to get it ready to plant the fall garden.
Running a little behind here.
Speaking of running behind: I didn't get up until 10:15 this morning. And Mr. Moon didn't get up until 9:15.
Exhausted maybe? You think?

I hear that August woke up at 3:00 a.m. and never really went back to sleep.
Ah yes. I remember those nights.

Here's what the benevolent tyrant looks like this morning after a good feed and a spit-up. The child already loves his pacifier. He seems to have an inordinately strong need to suck and although Jessie would love to do nothing in the world but nurse him day in and day out, there are just a few moments when she cannot. 

Well, I better put on my big girl shoes and go out and start pulling up stuff and hauling it away. I've drunk all the coffee anyone needs to drink and Mr. Moon is already on his way to town to rip up carpeting in a rental building. He asked me if I wanted to help.
Good one, honey.
He's so funny.

Good morning from Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good morning. Yay for ordinary life. Yay for baby pictures. Keep them both coming.

  2. Even though it is physically possible to give birth to a baby at my age (44) I don't think I would be able to handle those sleepless nights. It was hard enough at 25. One one my great grandmothers started having babies at 17, gave birth to 18 children and finished at 47. Can you imagine?

    Love the pictures. Please keep them coming. He (as Owen and Gibson) are just so beautiful.

  3. Honey, just checking in on love-land in Lloyd. Delicious new baby is always a winner. Enjoy your expanding family.

    Much love,


  4. I remember those nights with my babies . I always laugh when someone has had a good night sleep and the comment is " I slept like a baby". I often want to remark " oh so you woke up ten times through the night , had three breastfeed and needed your nappy changed three times and then woke at dawn????" Xxx

  5. He looks like a little pea that you picked from your garden.

  6. He is a little pea picked from your garden, which is your family, and a beautiful garden it is.

  7. I've been doing stuff out in the yard and flower beds. no garden again this season. we didn't do a fall garden last year because we were going to build new raised beds over at the shop last winter but it rained all winter. didn't get them built this summer for a fall garden because, well...heat. so now no garden.

  8. Benevolent tyrant. That is adorable!!


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