Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As The World Turns

I can't/won't complain about this eternally gray weather, knowing that a few states above me, there is complete devastation from rains and flooding, the like which hasn't been seen in a thousand years.
A thousand years.

I'm off to town this morning to go shopping with Lily for new jeans and to go see August whom I miss desperately. It is reported that he slept very well last night with not one spit-up! Ah. What an amazing baby! I have soup to take the little family and boiled peanuts too.

I just finished listening to "Orange Is The New Black," the original book written by Piper Kerman. Mr. Moon and I have been watching the series on Netflix but I found the book to be even better. Some of the details are the same, some have been refurbished, changed, twisted and shined up for the series which is completely understandable. I came away from the book, however, with far more respect for the female gender and even less respect for our prison system than before I read it. The heart and grace and ingenuity displayed by the women Ms. Kerman was in prison with is awe-inspiring. The system in which they are kept is horrifying.

I am running behind here so I won't step up on the soapbox but I will just say that the way we incarcerate people in this country, both in the numbers and in the methods has got to be changed. I guess that goes without saying.

Humans are funny critters. We sigh and say, "Well, you can't change the system."
We sigh and say, "Well, you can't change the weather."

Obviously, we are, in fact, able to do both.

I will ponder that today.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. can't and won't are two separate things. I posted a comment on FB about the only thing exceptional about this country was our war mongering and the first person to reply told me to leave then if I didn't like it CUNT. another guy replied that obviously I just wanted more free stuff. two sterling examples of humanity.

  2. So, so true. I am glad that the book is better than the show. I watched the first season, but I couldn't stomach it -- sometimes thought that it was a kind of male fantasy. I know it's woman-directed, but all the graphic sex got on my nerves. I also heard the author on NPR, and I really liked what she had to say --

  3. I'm having a catch up day.
    I loved OITNB but I haven't read the book. Maybe I should.

  4. What are those marks – is that header picture a stamp?

  5. Oh, I'm glad you said that. My sister has been going on at me about how brilliant the series is, but I don't have Netflix and I don't download anything illegally, so I was in a bind. Now I can be all superior and say I read the book. ;-) Not really, but I do prefer words on a page. Ta!

  6. The prison system is a for profit industry. It has to be fed, by low level pot smokers if necessary. Rant over. Looking forward to more pictures of August!

  7. Ellen Abbott- Really. You and I are just way too much alike. I mess with places on FB I should just LEAVE ALONE but somehow, I can't help myself sometimes.
    Let us be CT's. Cunts Together.

    Elizabeth- I heard her on NPR too. I think you might like the book. It sure kept my attention.

    Heartinhand- I recommend it. I do. Maybe your book club should read it?

    A- It's a vintage postcard.

    Mwa- It's well worth reading. You'll love the US even more! We are such a fantastic society. (Heavy sarcasm.)

    Angella- Did you see they are releasing 6,000 drug offenders? Whoa! Decent, that. And hell yes, prison is a for-profit industry. The governor in Florida is way wrapped up in that shit. He's such a criminal. I mean, seriously, he should BE in one of those prisons. Now wouldn't that be some sort of karma?

  8. We're just starting the third season of OITNB. We like it a lot. I haven't read the book but it sounds interesting. Maybe one of these days!


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