Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Woods And Warnings, Words And Yearnings

A good walk, a strong walk, I think I will live another day, perhaps, maybe, whatever.

I went down a wood's path to pee and damn if there wasn't a sign warning me No Trespassing! No Horses! No ATV's, No Foot Traffic, No FWC, Smile You're On Camera!
To make the matter even more clear, a wire was stretched across the path.
I should have smiled, pulled down my britches, squatted and peed right there but did not. I turned around and peed in another spot.

Going to town to help Jessie shop. She and Vergil are taking Gus up to Asheville this week for a wedding and much meeting of the tiny prince. Jessie needs some new clothes and I am honored to help her. I haven't seen that baby in days and am suffering from the lack.

The moon must be in Phones Fucked. Mr. Moon dropped his and the screen cracked, despite the heavy-duty case it's in. And my camera isn't working.

A train is thundering by. I need to hang clothes and take a shower. I am listening to yet another Phillipa Gregory tome on audio book and so am in the world again of 16th Century England with all of the Marys and Margarets and Annes and Henrys and Boleyns and Tudors and Plantagenets and curses and fevers and childbirth and loss and power and strategies and so much praying endlessly for healthy sons.

I love it. I can't help it.
It is candy for the brain, it is faux-history for the uncaring ignorant.

That is all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. There is something preternaturally calming about coming here every morning or some random time in the day and reading your words and a bit of your day. Thank you for that. As you know, I am in dire need of calming.

  2. My phone flew ahead of me down the stairs early one morning this summer and in spite of my expectations was completely fine when I got down to it! I don't know how... Peeing in the face of 'the law' sounds like risky business, but fun! We have sun again.

  3. I mooned a passenger train with a group of people on a river trip. And I weren't no spring chicken when I did it.

  4. It is great to escape listening to audio books. Who cares Mer as long as you enjoy it .

  5. I'm in a strange headspace today. I think it's the weather.
    That little Gus is sure getting around! :)
    Sorry about your phones.

  6. Did you know there is a recall on the iphone 6 for a camera problem? Love to see your pics. Hope you get it fixed soon. :)

  7. You totally SHOULD have peed right there in the path. Awesome. What on earth is a FWC?

  8. Elizabeth- Then I have done my job!

    Big Mamabird- I have dropped my phone so many times. It is a wonder it still works at all.

    Ellen Abbott- Girl. It's probably a good thing you and I don't live next door to each other.

    Leisha- Amen! I do love a good story.

    Heartinhand- May you feel better soon, darling!

    Angella- And I'm happy about that too.

    Anonymous- I will. Probably not until next week though.

    Steve Reed- If I were a man, I totally would have. But I'm an ungraceful old woman. FWC is Florida Wildlife Control or something like that.


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