Friday, October 9, 2015

Sex Ed And Tarzan Movies

It's all Maurice's fault. She came and got in bed with me at 6:00 this morning and she neglected to wake me up, but instead was so cozy nestled between my knees and hip. And suddenly, it was 9:30 and I was running late, late, late although really not. I mean...who cares?
So. Chickens are up and out, some busy waiting in line to lay their eggs. It's so funny how they decide that THIS nesting box is the one they want, damn the other five to hell. Mick is trying like crazy to get one of the hens interested in a little "fertilization" as I call it when Owen's around. We had a little discussion about that yesterday.
He also uses the term "making out" but that applies only to humans and whenever he uses it, I feel as if I am back in Jr. High. It astounds him (and probably nauseates him) that his grandmother and his grandfather still make out. "Just because you get old, it doesn't mean you don't like to kiss and hug your sweetheart," I tell him.
"And you're not really old," he tells me because he's so very polite. Yesterday he asked me if I was born in the olden days and we had to define what that was which led to a discussion of TV with only three channels and that led to Shock Theater and Tarzan movies.
One of these days I'm going to make him watch an old Tarzan movie with me. The Johnny Weissmuller kind. He'll probably laugh his ass off. Or maybe he'll like it. He, of course, was raised on the stupid Disney Tarzan with the songs by Phil Collins.
I would say "blow me" but that would be rude and profane.

Okay. I need to get moving. There is a plan afoot to descend upon the baby and then kidnap the mother and baby and perhaps father if he will come to go to lunch. And there are shoes to buy and so on and so forth and it will take me all day, without a doubt, but that's fine because, once again...who cares?
Mr. Moon is in the woods, he is happy and content, and I am a hunting widow who can leisurely lunch and shop and stay up all night reading if she so chooses.

Happy Friday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I slept for ten hours last night, so I raise your leisurely ways!
    I cried at the Tarzan Treehouse in Disneyland. Ahem. "You'll be in my heart?" Hello!

  2. My daughter had "olden days day" at school and was wearing an apron and a long skirt and had a bun in her hair. They got to play with marbles and got taught by teachers in nuns habits.

  3. Did you come to a conclusion on whether or not you were born in the olden days?
    Happy Friday to you too!

  4. I sat in front of b&w Johnny Weismuller entranced - but the problem these days is pacing. Kids are so used to quick-flash shots, they're bored stupid by the one long scene you get in older films. But I'd love to see what he thinks. JW communicated Tarzan so well, in so little language, but using his body and emotions. I must try and find them again for myself too.

  5. "hunting widow" ... definitely something to be said for being a hunting widow, a golf widow, or any other kind as long as it's not the real kind of widow. Time alone at home, if that is what a "widow" enjoys, is a treat.

  6. You're not really old. Though I was just doing a survey of my body and the descriptive words that came to mind cracked me up in their oldness. But you're ship shape young.

  7. I think Owen would actually love an original Tarzan movie.....especially if he gets to watch it with his Mer! I'm still fascinated by them when they come on the TV. And a weekend hunting widow is the best kind. laze in bed with a book undisturbed- grasping that few day window of opportunity for yourself. A treat I so greatly relish, but do not get to savor often. May you enjoy your boys and your solo time
    Susan M

  8. I loved all the old Tarzan movies and the Aladdin movies. and my grandkids go out of their way to tell me I'm old. I just laugh and tell them they should be so lucky.

  9. Life is good and sweet over there in Lloyd. This makes me happy.

  10. A beautiful day before you, and I am sure that it was.

  11. Heartinhand- I can't abide Phil Collins. I just can't. And did they turn Swiss Family Robinson's tree house into Tarzan's tree house?

    Mwa- Hahahaha! That's great!

    Birdie- Sort of. I was born in olden days but not THAT olden. As in, I rode a bus to school, I didn't ride a mule. Etc.

    Jo- Johnny was my first crush. I mean...whoa! He was hot and half naked and had long hair and saved Jane no matter what trouble she got into. To this day, I retain those feelings for his Tarzan.

    Ellen Abbott- Perfect! I am going to steal that line!

    Angella- Mostly it is.

    Jill- It had its ups and its downs but overall, it was a beautiful day.


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