Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Baby Day In Lloyd

There was cooing and nursing and diaper changes and outfit changes and napping and tuna sandwiches and kissing and kissing and kissing and serious chatting.

And the eating of olives.

Gibson had a five second shower and then ran around naked the rest of the time he was here. He did wear a towel to eat his olives, though. 

We all got to hold the baby. 

Except for Gibson who didn't ask to although he did go get in bed with him when August was napping. Everyone likes Mermer's bed. 

It was a very good day. 

My arms already miss him.


  1. I love the stripeys! Sweetie pies :)

  2. Oh, I so get that - there is nothing like holding a baby. Giving it up means my arms feel so bereft.

  3. There is nothing lovelier!!!MMMM-mmmm delicious new born!LOVE the photos so much!

  4. Look at. Those feet!

  5. Blown away by the sweet love that is seen in these pictures...wow!

  6. A beautiful day with your family. Sweet to see you with baby Gus . X

  7. What a precious little munchkin.

  8. Perfect. Sweet pic at the end too!

  9. if we were friends on FB, you would see a photo of me just like you in overalls with our beautiful Marie on my arms :) it is fantastic to have new kids that way ! in a way where you and I mostly can enjoy the small kids and leave the rest to our grown up kids !:)

  10. Jo- I told him he looked like a convict!

    NOLA- Their weight is all in love.

    Linda Sue- And I so want to sort of eat him up.

    Heartinhand- They are precious feet, aren't they?

    Big Mamabird- As Vergil said the other day, "Your family sure loves babies."
    He is so right.

    Leisha- We practically fight over who gets to hold him next.

    Elizabeth- He is a munchkin, isn't he? He certainly has his own face. Do you remember when Gibson looked like a little old Jewish man?

    Angella- Nope. Not one thing.

    Jill- A rare picture of Ms. Moon!

    Ellen Abbott- I know you love your grown grands but I bet you miss them as babies, too.

    Niels- We are lucky!


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