Saturday, October 24, 2015

My dreams follow me wherever I go, no matter what bed I sleep in. This seems unfair to me, having to worry about children and chickens and everything else in the world that my mind wants to fret over when it is left untended, even when I am on vacation. 

I decided last night that I don't like people so very much. We were eating our supper and while it was good enough and fancy, too (the things that chef did with chicken and collared greens was nothing short of saucy abomination) I couldn't relax into the pleasure of it with the server being so damn transparently fake-nice that I could hardly bear it and the couple sitting across from us- she young enough to be his daughter- he so solitious and puffy proud to be with this beautiful blonde GIRL and when he touched her, my skin crawled.
I know. I should not have looked. 
None of my business anyway. 

This is, I suppose, why I mostly stay home. 

But here we are on the Gibson Inn porch and it is cool and the birds are twittering and we're going to get breakfast and walk on the beach and it will be lovely  and yesterday I bought a new book and some beautiful silk and wool yarn at the bookstore I love here which is owned and attended by a woman that I do like so much that I feel like an unworthy and silly, babbling teenager around her. 

As our Lon says, "I like people. OUR people."

And I love my people and right now and especially this husband of mine. 

That's the report. 

Love...Ms. Moon. 


  1. I'ev no idea what the answer to this is. I quite like the idea of getting rid of most of us and starting again... but then what if we get rid of the wrong ones?? I hasten to add, I'm thinking natural disaster, not final solution.

    Humanity does swing from the sublime to the ridiculous with such ease.

    I used to like the idea of Jotopia, but I've come to accept that I wouldn't make the strongent criteria for citezenship anymore, so Jotopia must remain an unpopulated paradise I'll gaze into from afar...

  2. The overly solicitous waitstaff drive me nuts too. Hyperactive and hyper-friendly, they check 5 times a meal to make sure "Everything OK?" Ack! go away and let me eat in peace!

  3. I am with you. I could do without most people. I am finding it harder and harder to deal with their dishonesty and manipulations. Maybe we should form our own tribe.

  4. Exactly -- it's not that you don't like people. You just don't like SOME people. And no one likes everybody, no matter what they say!

  5. Yes, either my patience is wearing away with time (a very strong possibility) or there are more awful people than there used to be.

  6. I went out to dinner with some friends from work the other night. The meal was less enjoyable than it could have been simply because the waitress was super irritating. She said things like "I'll check back with you in a little bit to see if you are groovy". This made me instantly NOT groovy.

  7. Glad you reported in. Everything just better when we're with our tribe.

  8. I know exactly what you mean ....

  9. I like individuals. I despise humanity.

  10. Waitstaff who ignore you all night and then chat you up while your paying, presumably to get a better tip, bug me too. Who knows, maybe they hate people too and it's the only way they can cope.
    Young women with old guys are fucking gross.
    You can quote me on that.

  11. I know exactly what you mean. But I think it's a form of disappointment -- as in, PEOPLE, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! And you know we all have it in us to be good and real, but some are so damaged that we need a tiny blonde girlfriend or something. It's kind of heartbreaking if you let it really sink in. Enjoy the porch. xoxox

  12. Betsy- You blew my mind once again. YES! Goddam it! We CAN Do better than this.
    Thank you.

  13. My goodness. This quote: " I feel like an unworthy and silly, babbling teenager..." speaks to me. I feel this so much of the time, leaving me wondering if I will ever acquire any sort of grace. Ah well. Welcome home, and happy anniversary!


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