Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Is My Backyard Today

Maurice slept with me like she was getting a pay raise to cuddle. And somehow, my dreams were sweeter and my sleep was good. Right now she's out pretending to stalk the chickens. I think she must have a rich fantasy life.

It's another fine fall day and Lily and Gibson and Jessie and August are on their way out for a little Lloyd visit. Can you believe that Gus Man is two weeks old today? He is. Two weeks and almost two hours. I'm really looking forward to the visits. I love it when my kids come out here. I think I'll make us a tuna salad for lunch if the girls want that. A little lunchies, some snuggles, some chatting. Sounds practically perfect.

Oh, it's just a beautiful day and pecan leaves are dropping in the breeze, floating down in a graceful, spinning dance. Mick is stretching his head and looking around as he leads his flock from one part of the yard to another. He is keeping watch. He is a good rooster. Miss Trixie is singing her little song and all is peaceful.

May it be so for you as well.

Love...Ms. Moon


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