Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life In Florida At Age Sixty-One

I should be packing. Mr. Moon is in town doing a half-day's work (and we shall see what that ends up meaning) and I should be putting things in a suitcase but no, here I sit, but I'm thinking about it.
I am.
It's been quite a morning already. Luna, the Oldest Living Cat, managed to kill a squirrel. She's laying out there now, guarding it/ regarding it, probably amazed that she did it, as am I. There's another squirrel in a tree above her, pissed as hell and probably grieving.
Whole lotta nature.
Jessie and Vergil are heading out of town today too, as I mentioned earlier this week. They're taking our Gus up to North Carolina for a wedding party and to introduce the newest royalty to the family there. They will be gone for ten days and so of course, when they get back, Gus will be a completely different baby.
I dreamed this morning that I was pregnant. I told a woman that here I was, sixty-one years old and about to give birth. She was Catholic and told me that I'd done the right thing and praise GOD! I told her I wasn't religious at all. I just like babies.
Boy. Am I glad I'm not pregnant.
Hope I don't get pregnant this weekend. Now THAT would be a hell of a thirty-one year anniversary celebration result!
Pretty sure I won't. Then again, Luna did catch that squirrel and I would have bet the ranch that couldn't happen either.
Okay. I'll shut up now.

I'll be checking in from historic Apalachicola, Florida. When I'm not busy eating, drinking, sleeping or possibly getting pregnant.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning! Pregnant, oh my. I haven't dreamed that one yet! Sorry about that dead squirrel, but Luna must have been pretty proud. Can't wait to read of your adventures in Apalachicola, and hope you post lots of pictures for us.

  2. just thinking about being pregnant again makes my ovaries cringe! Lol
    Happy 31st Mr. & Mrs.!
    Ten Gus-less days...he WILL be a different baby!

  3. When I was getting my IUD installed this week the doctor reminded me that I could have it removed if I wanted to have another baby and I just said no, I really really don't. I love 'em but no.

    Have fun! :)

  4. I didn't dream I was pregnant but I did dream I tried to leave my husband. we had a spate of very bad years and I was planning on it but then stuff happened and here we are still together. so I guess this was a throw back to those years and in my dream I told him 'that's it! I've had enough!' and I gathered up as much stuff as I could carry and went and sat out in the car cause I didn't really have anyplace to go.

  5. Have a nice getaway. It will all be better once you get there.

  6. You reminded me of my dream of having a baby that I hated. (Can't remember if it was a boy or girl.) I kept trying to leave it places. I guess it is the ying/yang thing because when I did have my kids I was more in love that I had ever been and that love continues to grow to this day.

    Sometimes my daughter sends me a message that she is hanging out with her friends and it is a standing joke for me to tell her to stay away from crack and not to get pregnant. So I will give you the same advice.

    No smoking crack. Don't get pregnant.

  7. Well, that would be an interesting outcome of the weekend, wouldn't it?! I wonder if the squirrel was even older, in squirrel years, than Luna.

  8. Enjoy your time together dear beautiful married people. Thirty one years!

  9. You'd be stealing some serious thunder if you got pregnant now :)

    I mean, with the Bless Our Hearts reality show and all...

  10. Good for you to get away. Just what is needed I'm sure.


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