Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ms. Whiny Whiny-Pants

So. Let's see. I have an appointment with the dentist at ten. Well, just for a cleaning. Does this make me any less anxious?
Not really.
My garden is covered in weeds. Covered. Millions of weed sprouts. Trillions. More than the number of dollars in the Federal Budget.
I seem to have an infestation of those horrible small German roaches. They just crawl in from outside.
Luna, the Feral Cat, has suddenly decided to be a pet and wants to rub all up against me. I am allergic to her.
It is overcast and nasty-looking.
My house is filthy.
I started in with the claim process for my phone last night. That involved one long-ass phone call in which I never got to speak with a human and then got kicked off and one long-ass online process in which I stalled after I printed out the shit I have to fill out and sign and then take pictures of to send via e-mail.
My husband is going hunting. Today? Tomorrow? For how long? Who knows? Not me.

These are, admittedly, first-world problems. Well, except for the roaches.
However, they are my problems, and as such, I cherish them.

Good morning, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think weeds, annoying cats and even inoperable cell phones all qualify as global problems, in addition to roaches! For what it's worth...

    As Scarlett O'Hara always said, "Tomorrow is another day!"

  2. well, I solved one of my first world problems yesterday by getting rid of Firefox and adding Google Chrome instead.

    Oh yeah, and my house is filthy too and if I still had a garden it would be full of weeds as well.

  3. My flower beds are full of weeds and my house is a mess too. I love Publix but I am having one hell of a problem with the pharmacy and it has happened over and over again. I have had luck with Combat source kill max for roaches. I haven't had those nasty german ones in a long time, but that is what got rid of them. I still get the big ones, I guess that is just part of living in FL. Gail

  4. I am feeling awfully whiny myself, even in the midst of good things happening. i don't know what is wrong with me but i wish it would rain and rain and not stop and then i could hide out inside.

  5. Steve Reed- Well, you're probably correct but still- I have no right to be such a whiny baby. But when did that ever stop me?

    Ellen Abbott- I've been using Chrome for a long time. I like it.
    I'll arm-wrestle you for whose house is the filthiest.

    Gail- I'm so sorry you're having a problem of any kind with Publix. That is unusual. And yes, roaches are just part of life here but sometimes they do get out of control. I'll try the Combat if nothing else works. I'm to the point now where I just smash the little fuckers with the side of my fist. Gross, right? I do wash my hands afterwards.

    Angella- Yes. Exactly. Perhaps it is just the season for us to hibernate.

  6. I love Publix too, we are at a standoff with the arrogant pharmacist that he is not going to run us out of our Publix. He doesn't like our Dr. these meds are not controlled drugs, just normal stuff like BP meds. That combat gel works, but you have to be careful where you put it so Maurice doesn't get to it. I usually use a flip flop to kill the big ones, I don't have the nasty germans at the moment. Gail


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