Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Boy's First Visit To His Grandparents' House

Oh my god. I haven't even been awake for twelve hours and I can't wait to get back in bed. The little family just left. Vergil hunted but did not get a deer.
I am so proud of that man. In four days of being a father he has learned to change diapers, soothe his child, swaddle him, and eat with one hand while holding him.

August was a very, very good baby while he was here. He did all the right things. He nursed, he slept, he pooped, he peed, he hiccuped, he yawned, he looked around a lot, he listened attentively when we talked to him. And he did not spit up one time!

His eyes are so big and so dark. He's going to have his papa's brown eyes for sure. 
I love talking to him, singing to him. He just opens those big dark eyes and looks right at me. 
"I love you," I tell him, and then I can't help myself. I kiss those lips. Very, very softly. I kiss his head, I kiss his hands, I kiss his feet. 
I am his slave. 
I try to leave the room to let him and his mama rest and it's almost impossible to pull myself away and before I can even think, my feet have turned me around and I'm kissing his head again. 


Here's the little family. 

And they take perfect care of him. 

I am blissed out and ready for bed. Where this wildcat never sleeps with us any more.

I do not know what's come over her but she's been in fights. Her face is messed up and both of her ears have scabbed tips. A spayed female cat who goes out and gets in fights every night? What the hell? I've been putting Neosporin all over her face and ears and she'll be fine but damn! She needs to give up the fighting and get back into the bed with her humans where she is safe. It's supposed to get chilly tonight so maybe she will. 

May we all sleep peacefully tonight. Have good dreams and stay out of fights. Make love, not war. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. August and his parents are beautiful. Nothing as sweet and tactile as a new baby . Sleep well Mary x

  2. So perfect!

    I suspect she's getting in fights because she has no interest in Mr. Feral Cat's attention.

  3. Maybe Maurice is fighting for August's safety. Or attention. Or to get that new baby smell off you. Poor Maurice - don't forget to kiss her too!

  4. I wonder how men used to be so removed from the love and caring of their babies. You hear that men never changed diapers or bathed or did much at all. I am proud that men have changed so much.

    There is something called Vetericyn that every cat owner needs to have. We have saved our cats many expensive vet visits. You just spray it on and it doesn't matter if they lick it. I am mentioning it because it works was better than Neosporin or Polysporin. And mostly because I will be damned if I am going to pay $150.00 for something I can do at home. You can get it at most pet or livestock supply stores.

  5. Really, those three look almost holy. They ARE holy.

  6. Oh, sacredness. Each night a child is born is a holy night. Best wishes to the new parents!

  7. You have such a gorgeous family! Get some rest now. :)

  8. I'm not exaggerating that I come here to learn family. Thank you.

  9. Such a blessed space August is in. It's beautiful to witness.

  10. What a perfect little baby. I bet it is bliss to have them all in your home.

  11. No spitting up is such a blessing! All four of my babies spit up continually and for months.

  12. Love the picture of the young family. I wonder if Maurice is mixing it up with possums and/or raccoons?

  13. It's been a while since my cat has been in a fight but when she is she usually gets the bad end of it with deep bites on her hind end that get infected. must be a stray interloper and Maurice is protecting her territory.

  14. Sigh.
    Your heart must be bursting.


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