Friday, October 2, 2015

Yes. More Pictures

Woke up this morning and I finally feel about halfway normal which is to say, how abnormal!
And wonderful.
Rested. Not too crazy.
Mr. Moon, however, is bitterly disappointed. He's been waiting and waiting to be able to go up to Georgia to the hunting camp to get things done that he needs to do but it's raining there this weekend and will be and so he's not going and it's upsetting to him. I understand. I will try to make his weekend at home worthwhile. Perhaps we can frolic around the old homeplace and I'll make him biscuits and of course, we can go see our newest love.
Two pictures I stole off the Facebook:

I'm having a hard time staying away from that vortex of love. 

Adoration of the baby. It is a necessary thing, I do believe, in the development of a human. To be adored, to adore.

One of the things which most amazed me when I had my children is how I felt as if I had always known them. I could, yes, remember before they came, but it just didn't feel as if they hadn't been there all along. 
Is that supernatural or is it just a weird feeling (and I've heard many mothers say the same thing and fathers, too) or is it just some sort of scientific reality that we haven't figured out yet?

I don't know. But I love that look of recognition which passes between parents and their babies. That wonderment of gaze and knowing. 

Well, enough blah-blah and blather.
I need to go to town (yes, again!) to get seeds for the fall garden. It is supposed to get cool here today and it will be a perfect time to clean out the zinnias and watermelon, to have Mr. Moon till, to plant my greens, my lettuces, my carrots and so forth. 

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The strength of mother/father love for their baby is a magical and moving thing. And yes I have found it extends to grandparents, too.

  2. I always click on your pictures to see the miniature detail. These of Mom and Dad and Baby are exquisite!

    That's so true about feeling like you know them before they even get here. When my daughter was born I had the most distinct feeling of "Ah, yes - we're back together again."

    There is no blah-blah and blather on your blog. It's all good stuff x

  3. When our grand babies were newborns, Paw Paw and I had a hard time giving their parents space. I apologized profusely, yet continued to show up. I always took something they could use (dinner, lunch, diapers, etc.) to lighten the guilt a little. I'm sure we were forgiven! Hug on that Prince every chance you get!

  4. I have known and loved my children before they were born. No use trying to explain it. It is just the way it is. I do wonder if our souls move about. I came across a picture of who would have been my step-sister's great aunt as a little girl. The picture is almost scary to look at because she looks just like my sister's daughter. I thought it was just me seeing things so I showed the picture to my dad and he was creeped out. She even has the same expression that my niece has. Maybe our souls move about. Maybe not. Still, my children are a part of me. Same as my mom.

    Jessie looks like she might have had a dozen babies. She looks right at home with baby August at her breast. :-)

  5. I think parents who are allowed their own choices in the making, carrying and birthing of that baby have a much easier time "recognizing" their new loved one. Congratulations to you and your growing family. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing more pictures. You never blather. Are you going to take care of August too when his parents return to work? I hope so. How long is Jessie's maternity leave? It's martini night well deserved.

  7. I know that feeling. My friend Christy reminded me the other day of that discovery that some of our children's cells are still inside of us. Of course that wouldn't explain the fierce attachment of the father, but for the mother at least that connection is literally one of physical symbiosis. (I think that's the word).

  8. Happy Friday Ms. Moon. Love seeing the newest member of your family. What a blessing. Take care.

  9. jenny_o- It surely does.

    Liv- Thank you. But I do tend to ramble on sometimes and I know it.

    Catrina- I am trying to keep my visits short, too. It's just so hard to leave that little guy.

    Birdie- There's something there for sure. Too many of us have felt this way. And yes, Jessie is a pro already. I am so proud of her. She says that watching Lily with Gibson and watching her sister-in-law with her children has really helped her.

    annova- I think you are right. The bond and connection is made immediately and without interruption.

    Joanne- I am not sure at all that Jessie is going to go back to work any time soon. We shall see. I will be happy to help when they need me, of course!

    Elizabeth- I know. It's a wonderment, even if there is a completely scientific explanation. And all part of the plan, isn't it? And when I say "plan" I mean "evolution."
    Pretty glorious, whatever it is.

    Mr. Shife- Thank you, sir! We are mighty happy around here.

  10. I am now taking care of my grand nephew (1 year old) four days a week....I took care of his mommy (my niece...who is like a daughter and the light of my life) when she was a baby four days a week....I always knew in my heart I would do this...and it has come true. I look at my grand nephew and the love I feel carries over to his just can't be described. However, I do say at the end of the week "There is a reason why you have children when your are young"....but I wouldn't give it up for anything.

  11. I can understand Mr. Moon's desire to get some work done at the camp. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate next week. At least up here, it is pouring. Not sure about where he goes in Georgia but coastal GA is probably about like here. Massive flooding expected. Glad to be on high ground.

  12. oh, baby love, my baby love, I need your love, uh oh I need you...

    another fall and still not garden. poo. I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever have a garden again.

  13. Your family is like a giant circle of love. I don't have to tell you to cherish it because clearly you do. Xoxoxo


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