Sunday, July 22, 2012


When cucumbers go rogue.

Oh my god. I just realized I've haven't posted my SECOND post of the day.
Say what you will about me, I am fucking prolific.

Mr. Moon is home. He's happy and covered with chigger bites and we've had martinis and played cards and now I'm going to go create magic in the kitchen.

Leeks will be involved. So will eggplant, portobellos, venison cube steak and potatoes.

I weeded in the garden today and I did not die.

Owen did not come out but he might spend the night on Wednesday. Buster is still alive and Mr. Moon and I performed another drawing-out of the serosanguinous fluid operation from his ear. I got three nice eggs from the chickens today and it looked and sounded like rain but so far...nope.

Yep. Sunday night.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. we had family here all weekend! it was awesome and tony and i both loved entertaining our crowd.


  2. I am making venison veggie soup, and thinking of you =)

  3. Sounds so pleasant at your place tonight, minus the chigger bites.

  4. I like the zucchini the size of gators myself.

  5. That thing is a cucumber!? DAAAAUM! It looks like a skinny overgrown potato!

    Can I have one?

  6. so what do you do with rogue cucumbers? ours usually go in the compost pile.

  7. I could eat what you are cooking. Venison is on the detox list.


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