Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stuff In Lloyd Today

 This is a Georgia Thumper. It is about three and one half inches long. I should have just smashed it but I didn't. The chickens won't eat them. That's how big and scary they are.

 Speaking of chickens, here's some of the teenagers. Are they always going to be teenagers? Yes. I think so. From the front we have either Tipsy or Topsy, not sure which, but he's a rooster. Above him we have Maizey. Who is a rooster. Above him is uh, well. I'm not sure. I think Bertha. Behind her you can see part of Baby. She's a hen.

 Banana spider. Suddenly, I am seeing them everywhere. They are still young and small and have not started mating yet. But they're building the shit out of some webs.

My clean refrigerator! In real life, it is blinding! It took me two hours to clean that sucker. That's how bad it was. My problem, when I finish cleaning everything, is always putting it back together. Today it went more smoothly than usual. I have no idea why. I also have no idea why we have three bottles of Caesar Parmesan yogurt dressing. But we do. I mean, it's good but mostly I just make vinaigrette.

There's a lot more stuff in Lloyd. There's even a lot more stuff right here where I live. But that's all I feel like showing you right now. Mr. Moon is on his way home and we're going to eat some black-eyed peas and rice and salad. We were going to eat asparagus as well but when I went to get it out of the very clean refrigerator, I saw that sadly, it had started the slime process so the chickens got it. That's what those teenager chickens are eating up there in that picture. They'd rather have Doritos. In this, they are not unlike human teenagers.

It's been a good day. Lon and Lis are coming to spend the night tomorrow night and I'm excited about that and also, I put a deposit down on a little place to stay on St. George Island in October. WHOO-HOO! The kids can come and go as they please and Mr. Moon may or may not be around due to hunting obligations but I am going to be there every second. I am inordinately excited about this.

I'll probably say something tomorrow about the Penn State report but for tonight, no. Nothing I say or think is going to make any difference anyway.

Right now I'm just happy to be in Lloyd, even with the ungodly scary mosquitoes and the Georgia Thumpers and three bottles of Caesar Parmesan salad dressing, not to mention a clean refrigerator and friends coming tomorrow and something grand to look forward to in a few months. And Jessie Moon will be coming home for a visit at the end of the month.


Good stuff in Lloyd today. 


  1. Yip! St George island, I'm glad to hear it.

  2. An old woman back on the island told me that chickens will change sex to suit their flock as they grow. She had known young hens to begin crowing and become roosters in the face of a shortage of roosters. I always wondered if she was pulling my leg, but not much. I have always been entirely too trusting of what people tell me.

    I wish I was going to St. George Island. Where is that? Why is it called St. George Island? Are there dragons there?


  3. Your clean fridge has me envious. I have that problem with buying multiple bottles of the same dressing - anything with the word Caesar in the title. Great minds...

    I'm off to google St. George Island. I'm sure it's perfect. And Jessie visiting soon, company coming, it's all good in Lloyd, insects notwithstanding.

  4. I didn't know that was what those nasty creatures are called. All I know about them is that they will eat up everything in sight in the garden and they are definitely too big to smash!

    I usually cut them in half with my shears and it's disgusting and hard and sad because they don't die for several minutes and I'm always telling them, "I'm sorry I had to kill you but you would have eaten all my plants if I didn't!" Ugggghhhhhh, just the thought of them makes my skin crawl!

    On a MUCH better topic, have a fabulous time with our beautiful Lis and Lon!

  5. Deirdre- Thank-you! You inspired me.

    Invisigal- Here's the deal, I think- it's really hard to tell a chicken's sex when they are young and so we THINK a bird is a hen until suddenly, it starts crowing and we realize it's a rooster. Believe me- flocks NEVER have a shortage of roosters. St. George is west of here. It's a barrier island right next to Dog Island. Unlike the Dog, though, they have a bridge and stores where you can buy groceries and even places to eat out if you want which makes a lovely vacation.
    No dragons, though. I forget how it got its name.

    Mel- St. George had grown a bit too much for me but sometimes it's nice to be in a place where, as I said, you can buy food if you want to. Where we're staying is right on the beach which is perfect.

    Lulumarie- They sure as hell WILL eat all your plants. They are voracious, aren't they? I am SO excited about Lon and Lis coming. And honey- that card. I am going to get something in the mail to you. Love you.

  6. I hope I get another banana spider on my patio this year. They are so fun to watch.

    I bet St. George is great in the fall.

  7. You know I love your chickens and a clean fridge gives a person that happy feeling every, single, time it's opened.

  8. I love hearing about Lloyd and you and there is nothing as lovely as a cleaned out fridge. Except the way you tell us about it. Why not marinate some chicken in that extra dressing. I bet it'd be delicious.
    Feel guilty speaking of chicken that way, but we pretend they are different from the ones you love, right?

  9. Thankfully we don't have bugs like that in Ca or I'd have to live in a bubble. St. George sounds like the perfect place for some R&R. I'm happy for you.

  10. Banana spiders are pretty until you accidentally blunder into one of those huge webs while walking in the woods. Nightmare!

    As for the thumper, crushing it would make such a mess. I'd leave it alone too.

  11. A shiny fridge is a thing of beauty. And a mopped floor. And so transitory.

  12. you can pan fry them thumpers with a little hot sauce and Parmesan - Yummy!

  13. Anna- They are cool, aren't they? And you will have to come down to the beach to see how beautiful it is in October!

    Nicol- This morning I opened the refrigerator just to look and bask in the light reflecting off all the clean. I really did.

    Bethany- This dressing is too thick to use as a marinade. And of course the chickens I buy in the store to eat aren't related at ALL to my babies.
    Denial is so powerful.

    Anonymous- Yep. Live in a bubble, move or get used to it. I'm just used to it. But still sometimes amazed and horrified.

    Steve Reed- Their webs are so strong you bounce off of them. I swear, they build them with steel. Those grasshoppers can eat fifty pounds of your favorite plants in a day. Still, I have a hard time smashing them.

    Beth- Too true. Sadly.

    Magnum- You'd only need three for an entire meal. If I were starving, I'd sure as shit eat some.

  14. Holy shit re those Florida bugs.
    xoxox clean fridge!
    That's a whole lot of roosters. What will Elvis think about that?


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