Monday, July 2, 2012

And A Hawk Just Tried To Get A Squirrel Five Feet Away From Where I'm Sitting

At some point in the wee, wee hours, I woke up and had a complete and perfect blog post in my mind and of course I have no idea now what it was.
Damn. It was good. That, I remember.

Mr. Moon and I seem to be able to sleep again, which is a blessing. We're not up at all hours, wandering around and cursing insomnia. I am so grateful. We did wake up last night when the electricity briefly went off then back on, then off, then back on. It was disconcerting and then I heard someone crying in the house and I freaked out and called out, "Baby!" thinking it was Mr. Moon because who else could it have been? But he was right there in the bed next to me and said, "What? What?"
It was Dolly, the dog, crying in her crate about seventeen rooms away. But it scared me so bad.
This morning Mr. Moon texted me. "Who's Buddy?"
He called me and I said, "Buddy?"
"That's who you were calling out to last night," he said.
"No! I was saying BABY!"

We're like the Two Stooges, me and Mr. Moon.

Anyway, good morning and I've had my walk and it was a good one although I saw this on the dirt road I walk on and yes, that was a bit disconcerting too.

Oddly enough, I found another knife in that exact same area a few years ago. That was more of a big old pocket knife, though. As with that one, I left this one where it lay. 

Lloyd can be a strange place. I feel like no one but me uses those roads but I know this is not true. There's the asshole who keeps dumping trash in the woods for one. At least I take my phone with me these days although why I think that would offer any protection is beyond me.

I sure wish I could think of what I wanted to write last night because I'm sort of floating here. The news is all sort of weird and floaty too. God Particles, Tom Cruise, Mitt Romney, Prick Scott, Jessica Alba's tight leather pants. 
Who is Jessica Alba?

I think I heard my young rooster Maizie try to crow this morning. That's big, right?

Well, Jessie's already texted me asking why I haven't posted yet this morning so I better get on with it. I think I'm going to try and get those continuing education units done for my nursing license. To be more specific and truthful, I guess I should say that I need to START working on them. At least. I did buy a pencil sharpener the other day.

It's a beautiful day, albeit a hot one and I've already had my walk and there's leftover okra and tomatoes and brown rice for my lunch and my overalls are clean and I haven't had one bite of that German Chocolate cake and quite frankly, I haven't really wanted it and for all of those favors, I am grateful.

I wonder if I have any pencils. That could derail my entire day.

I live a big life, don't I?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The knife is a little disturbing just lying there. Thank goodness there was no blood on it!

    Hope you all have a good smooth week.

    All is well here, so far anyway.

  2. Seriously, I have no idea really why Jessica Alba is someone I should care about. I think she was in a movie once. THat's about it.

    Crates huh? Did you start putting them up to prevent the massive pee/poops from happening at all hours? Smart move.

  3. too busy to comment fully right now; searching news for Jessica's tight pants...

  4. Little lives in little countries are the best to read about. At least we can relate to those. Who would want to relate to the housewives of Orange County? Not me...
    Give me Ms Moon and I am happy.

  5. Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet? That's something to put on your list! The knife in the dirt reminded me of it, a bit -- nothing in particular just the weirdness.

    I, too, wondered where your post was this morning -- woke up super early and didn't see one. Now I guess I'll start cleaning up the dang house.

  6. I once saw a hawk brake with his wings, go feet first through a squirrel nest, reverse wing thrust to fly out a few feet backwards, then just take off--with a couple of young squirrels. It was truly awesome maneuvering.

  7. One of my favorite posts ever.
    As one of my favorite memoir writing teachers says, "You can't make this shit up!"

  8. Anderson Cooper came out of the closet, so that's something.

  9. Ms. Fleur- I sort of doubt that it was used as a weapon. There are two ponds within throwing distance of where I found it that would have been better choices by far to hide evidence. But yes, weird.

    SJ- We did. Finally. And they get in them gladly but Dolly cries all damn night long.

    Magnum- Huffpost. Celebrity.

    Photocat- Aw. Thanks.

    Elizabeth- I am beginning to think that Moonrise Kingdom is never coming to Tallahassee. Sigh.

    Joanne- They are beautiful killers.

    Denise- And you don't have to in Lloyd.

    DTG- I totally thought he already had.


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