Monday, July 23, 2012

Morning In Lloyd

It did rain last night, not too much, but lovely all the same and this morning is a bit cooler so my walk was a bit easier and I did go four miles but it took me a long time because I had to stop twice to chat.
Once to a woman who lives very nearby who found four abandoned puppies early this morning and who wanted to know if I had any information about that which of course I did not but she wanted to talk and I try not to be rude.

I also stopped to talk to Miss Liola because she was outside and as I said the other day, I haven't spoken to her in awhile. The man I call The Sheik was there as well and I showed them pictures of my grandchildren on my phone. Miss Liola and I always talk about our grands.

Then when I went into the post office, our Post Mistress was about to go outside to lower the flag to half mast. She's just gotten an e-mail, instructing her to do so and so we had to talk for a moment about the tragedy and she started to talk about why in the world people would take children to a midnight showing of a Batman movie but I told her I wasn't going there. I hate it that people are saying these things because it's insinuating that it's the parents' fault that their children were injured or in harm's way and I'm sorry, I've taken a sleeping baby to a midnight movie before and even if poor judgement is involved, it is certainly not the worst thing in the world to do with your kids, to take them to a movie at midnight, even a violent one. One can hardly expect a gunman to start firing off hundreds (thousands?) of rounds of ammunition.
I think we believe that we can, by some miracle, protect ourselves and our loved ones from random horrific events and we can't. Not always.
We did both agree though, that it's far too fucking easy to buy guns in this country. The guns that man used have no purpose on this earth except to slaughter human beings and why we think we have the right to purchase such things is a mystery to me although I blame the NRA.

The theme of something being legal but not necessarily right seems to keep popping up. Buying those guns, putting fortunes in offshore accounts in order to avoid paying taxes. It occurred to me that when someone says he wants to serve our country in its highest office he probably shouldn't be doing that last one. Mitt has proudly stated that he pays his taxes-every dollar he is legally obligated to pay and not one dollar more.
And he's legally obligated to pay at the rate of about fifteen percent while we pay at the rate of thirty percent because we're not fabulously wealthy and thus, not elegible for tax breaks and we certainly don't have enough money to put into tax sheltered offshore accounts. Seems to me though, that if someone is really interested in the wellbeing of their country they'd pay taxes on everything but I'm naive and probably stupid.

Well, it's a beautiful day here in Lloyd and I think I'm going to have to take Buster to the vet. That ear is showing no signs of slowing down in the accumulation of fluid so whatever is causing the problem is not getting better. Poor old Buster. When we do the fluid-extraction process on his ear, he lies so still. He doesn't seem to mind getting his ear poked with a needle one bit. I can't do it, by the way. Mr. Moon has to. I just hold the dog which isn't even really necessary. I'd rather stick that needle into my own self and that's not happening either.

I'll try to get that drawing done for the CD giveaway today. If my busy schedule permits. Haha.

Later, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I suppose people would be horrified at the way I used to take my son on midnight slurpee runs to the 7-11 followed by star-gazing at the lake nearby. One time when I had to go to the drug store after midnight I bribed him with the promise of an ice cream sandwich to come with me for commpany. As he walked behind me through the store I noticed the store manager trailing us. Next thing I know the manager starts questioning my son as to why he was there. My son was 9 but very tall and looked about 13, and he's black (well, mixed). Guess the store manager wondered why this black teenage boy was following this white woman around his store after midnight. Probably thought he was going to rob my purse. Broke my heart, but we can't protect our loved ones from random attacks of any kind.

    My son still won a full scholarship to a fancy prep school and to university and graduated with two degrees so I guess none of it harmed him much.

    Does Buster have floppy ears? Is he scratching his ears a lot or shaking his head violently? I know that can cause those kinds of ear injury. That, or fighting.


  2. I don't think Batman is for children one way or the other, but hey. Doesn't change the point that no one should hesitate to take their kids out for fear of massacre. Fucked up.

    A kid got scalded at my son's party yesterday, hot tea flask, I just asked him to move and it got splashed on him as he was getting up. Fuck fuck fuck. Kind of ruined the day.

    Then, perspective - on the weekend, a 4 year old drowned in the aquatic centre we had my daughter's birthday in. And I'm not so surprised, it's understaffed and not v safe. Horrific. I could vomit with horror thinking about it.

    These things are innocent, though, compared to gun massacres - my mother's cousin in Arizona keeps facebook posting NRA things about the right to bear arms. My mind boggles, that that's their response to these evil atrocities - 'but just because people are crazy doesn't mean we lose our assault rifles, right? RIGHT? IT DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING!' 'People kill people, guns don't.' Fucking idiots. It's so offensive and they can't see it.

  3. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Guns just make is really, really easy to kill a lot of people, quickly and without getting close enough to care.

  4. No, you are not naive or stupid,'ve just got common sense and INTEGRITY......some things that most politicians not only lack but seemingly have never heard of. Sob.
    I'd nominate you for President,m ut then there'd by far too many kids and dogs running around naked and peeing on the White House carpets.

  5. I'm with Magnum. That's just damn sad. We can make a hobby out of anything. I mean, really- get a new hobby. Don't keep human killing tools for fun.

    I did have a split second thought, "There were kids HOW OLD there?!" quickly followed by, "And HOW were their parents supposed to foresee a massacre?" Jesus H. I can't believe that horrific story. What a random tragedy.

    P.S. Is it wrong to want to see a picture of Buster's ear? I'm just so damn curious and do love me a disgusting mess of fluid.

  6. both Oliver and Henry saw many a movie with me during their early months. Well, actually, they didn't see anything but my breast in their faces while they nursed and slept.

    As for guns -- I saw a great poster on FB today that showed a gazillion photos of guns on one side with the word LEGAL above them. On the other side, there were a gazillion photos of French Cheeses and it said Illegal.

    By the way, I love the way you think and write and tell it all and you're so damn funny.

  7. Eew to Kate wanting to see messy fluid ears and to funny, brilliant Elizabeth's post - ditto.

  8. Invisigal- The older I get, the more I am quite certain that there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to parent a child. Sounds like you did a great job. Be proud.
    And yes, Buster got his ear condition from shaking his ears. Probably because of fleas and that's a whole other story...

    Jo- Please just believe that there are American citizens who agree with you completely. Me. Plenty of others. I don't know why we can't get control of this bullshit. This horrible WRONGNESS of our country.
    I really don't know if there is hope for us.

    Magnum- Yeah. Exactly. Sure, he could have killed a few people with a knife but...
    Sickness. We have a sickness in this country.

    Lo- That image cracked me up. Yes! There would be way too much pissing on the floors in the White House. Plus, I've spent my entire life avoiding regular employment and being the president would really fuck that up.

    See Kate Run- Girlfriend, I am NOT posting pictures of that fluid. It makes me feel ill and I have a strong stomach.

    Elizabeth- I saw that poster on your blog and goddam! it is so true. Yeah! Let's outlaw pate and cheese and big-ass drinks but let's let guns of all sorts be legal.
    Perverted priorities. And just fucking WRONG!

    Anonymous- (Sweet Jo?) Spot on.

    Nicol- It does not appear to be terminal.

  9. You got it right, your sweetness!

  10. I love this sentence: "The guns that man used have no purpose on this earth except to slaughter human beings and why we think we have the right to purchase such things is a mystery to me although I blame the NRA."

    Amen to that!

  11. Mary - of course I know that!

  12. The NRA is off the charts in my opinion. The whole right to bear arms thing had a different meaning when the Constitution was written. Now it means that we all can carry Glocks and AK's and shoot the shit out of others. It's crazy. I'm for taking all the guns away, except for the police and then scrutinizing who has those. Round up every single gun. And then have a big melt down to make a sculpture for peace.


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