Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Winner Is Announced

I was sleeping, I was so far down in it when thunder woke me up, rolling thunder, that kind that starts in god's belly and comes up like a laugh, rumbling towards you.

It was a long day. Up at 4:30, in to town to find that both boys were awake, boy boys were happy and up and ready to play at six, and so we did. I held Gibson all day, I think. Or almost. He does love to lie on his back on a blanket on the floor to kick and chortle when Owen tickles him. Owen is the best sort of big brother. I can't understand how we got so lucky like that.
Boppy came over to eat his lunch and he and Owen ate together at the table and Owen wanted me to come and sit with them too. He wanted us both to come and play in his room with him too. And so we did. At one point, Boppy, Owen, Gibson, I, and Bogart the very large cat, were all on Owen's single bed at once.

I felt so guilty when Lily got home because although her children were still alive so technically, I had done my job, the house was a wreck. I told her that a band of rowdies had come through and destroyed her house. And then I told her that Boppy had done it but Owen spoke up and said that no, he had made the house messy. Owen had done it.
At least he is truthful.

Anyway, that is why I fell asleep so deeply until that thunder grumbled in and now it's raining a tiny bit, not enough to really matter. Just drops off god's beard flung when he laughed that thunder from his belly.

I almost feel as if I am coming down with a cold. My throat is tender, my center feels raw. I ache. I hope not. I think of the countless kisses I gave Gibson. He loves kisses which is good because he's going to get them, no matter what, and he holds his mouth open and shoves it right up against our mouths, that tiny cave of baby-mouth, two teeth sharp as razors that he gnaws my knuckles with.
Oh, I hope I am not getting a cold which I could have passed on to him. Where would I have gotten a cold germ?

Buster is home, his ear bandaged tightly to his head. He seems none the worse for wear. Jessie will be home tomorrow in time to help me take the bandage off. Her picture was in the paper today in a preview section for this weekend's events. I showed it to Owen. That's Jessie, I told him.
He looked at it and then said, "I LOVE Jessie!"
And he does.

Okay. I've just written out all of the names in the drawing for the CD on tiny slips of paper and put them into the beautiful Talavara bowl that Kathleen gave me for my birthday.

You know what? It felt like I was making prayer slips. Each of your names so dear and familiar to me.

All right. I am going to pick one now. Hold on.

Bethany, darling, you won! I used to have your address but I am not at all sure I do and if I do, I don't know where it is so could you e-mail me and tell me what it is again?
mmerluna at aol dot com
(And don't none of y'all laugh at my aol address. It's a HERITAGE address.)

And thank all of you who ordered it online.

I love you all so much through fair skies and cloudy.



  1. Oh, congratulations to Bethany!
    That was fun. Fun to see the bowl and you picking out the winner. That's the best way to do a giveaway!

    I'm dying to see those Gibson boy pics today, but it sounds like you had your hands full.

    And thanks so much for the encouraging words xx

  2. Oh, shoo, cold germs, shoo! Do you ever take that oscillo.....however you spell it......stuff? I swear by it. That and fresh vegetable juice.
    Be well.

  3. For whatever reason, your descriptions, and general attitude toward Buster make me laugh (probably because it's exactly how I feel toward my own damn dogs, and yet--I keep taking the damn things in.) I like theimage of his ear taped securely to his head: such humiliation! I keep asking the vet for a cone of shame for Mr. Bill, my idiot beagle/jack russell/satan mix, but so far, no avail. Also, he is indestructible. Good thing he and Buster can't mate.

    I hope you feel better.

  4. Aw, Bethany's the best :) I really loved when you said you felt like you were writing prayer slips. That made me smile.

  5. It seems like you had a long, full day. How fun to spens such time with tour sweet boys! I hope your cold never materializes. And congratulations to Bethany even tho I wish it was sweet Jo... :)

  6. I tease my best friend all the time for her aol address!
    Loved the thought of you writing out prayer slips for all your peeps!

  7. Liv- I took some pictures but they didn't come out as well I was wanted. Soon, I am sure.

    Denise- I have never taken it. I heard some study on NPR that said it didn't do any good so I haven't tried it but that's silly. Studies are not always right.

    Sara- Haha! That was great. I, too, am glad that Buster cannot mate with Mr. Bill. What a disaster that would be!

    SJ- She's a sweetie, isn't she? And so are you!

    Sweet Jo- Well, Bethany will enjoy it, I'm sure. But you would have too!

    Michelle- I have no problems with AOL so why end a beautiful thing? And hey, darling! How are you?

  8. Gibson is the cutest little kid. His smile and wise eyes show a much older soul inside.

  9. A heritage address---ha ha ha ha!
    Maybe you could put a link for Hessie's CD alongside on the right,
    so we can find it easily for orders?

  10. Uh, Jessie, that was supposed to be

  11. I saw the Beth part and got excited!

    But good for Bethany, lucky girl.

    XXX Beth

  12. Drawings always make my pulse quicken--then I don't win. But in this instance (especially since I ordered it on line) I so still feel like a winner.

    Plus I got that kind email thanking me. WINNING!!!

  13. Syd- He is just an amazing little being. Of course, being his grandmother, I have to say so. But it's true. And there is nothing like holding that solid, strong, cuddly little guy in my arms. Nothing like kissing his face.
    For me, anyway.

    A- I am going to do that. I had already thought of it and I will get around to it.
    And it's funny that you called her "Hessie" because one time in Mexico, we were looking for presents for the kids and we were looking at jewelry and talking about Jessie and the guy who worked at the shop we were in said, "Hessie would love this!" not even knowing whether "Hessie" was a boy or a girl or anything at all about her and sometimes we still call her "Hessie."

    Beth- I love my Beths and my Bethanies and my Liz's and my Lis and my Elizabeths. I swear. I have never met anyone with any of those names whom I did not adore.

    Gradydoctor- There's an e-mail? I hope you like the music. I can't wait to go see them play on Saturday night, my little girls, all grown up into women.

  14. I have a "heritage" AOL address too -- I've had it for 16 years! I haven't had trouble with their new interface, though -- it seems to work OK for me. I'm glad they finally made that damn "You've Got Mail" voice go away.

  15. Oh, I am really glad that Bethany won. I'm gonna' go on over and order mine. x0 N2


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