Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

It was foggy here this morning, or maybe just misty. Cooler, too and I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep and so I got up and I still didn't get out early enough and I just couldn't do it today. I made it twenty minutes out and when I heard myself moaning, I turned around and came on home.
Hips, thighs, feet. Everything hurts.
Fuck it.

I have to go buy new shoes. I probably buy a pair of walking shoes every eighteen months or so which is probably not enough. I wish I had the balls to just try walking barefoot. I think my body would like that but I'm not sure the soles of my feet would. Anyway, the shoes I'm wearing currently have started to deconstruct on the inside and they're rubbing a blister on my foot.
So. Gotta do that.

I got another message from The Home yesterday. Mother had gone down to see the doctor there again for her dizziness and he came up with the brilliant idea for her to go see an ear, nose, throat doctor.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
Too bad we never thought of THAT before.
Yes, I'm being sarcastic. My poor mother has been suffering from vertigo and headaches for going on six or seven years now and she's been to ENT's, a neurologist, the balance clinic, you name it. She's been scanned and X-Rayed and tested and treated. All to no avail.
And of course, the doctor at The Home hasn't gone through her old records. They're too daunting. Her file must be a foot thick.
But I KNOW I've told him all of this. I almost always go to her appointments with her. I've told him, I've told the nurses, I've told the CNA's on her floor that yes, she has vertigo, yes, she has been tested in many different ways and no, no one has found any reason for it and thus, has offered no real help.
Of course Mother doesn't remember all of this testing. She only knows she's dizzy all the time.
"I'm dizzy as a drunk," she always says. Then she invariably adds, "Not that I've ever been drunk."

I wonder if my mother has ever been drunk. Probably not but I do remember that week we spent in Key West one time with her where she certainly enjoyed her pina colada every evening. Sometimes I think that if my mother HAD enjoyed a few more drinks now and then we might have gotten along better.
Well, moot point by now.

Aw. I've just got the blasy-blues today. We all go through it. It gets foggy in the head; the bones and muscles and joints rebel, the mind tells us that everything sucks, we suck most especially.

Nothing to do for it but walk as far as we can, turn around, come home, take some Ibuprofen, take a shower, get dressed, go buy new shoes that don't torture our feet, put 'em on the next day, take another walk, hopefully it'll be better.

It generally does and the fog always clears, which it has here in Lloyd and since it rained last night, it's beautiful out and green and my chickens are walking about, molting, dropping feathers wherever they go and my yard looks like either a slaughter-house floor or a dance floor for angels. You pick.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. the fog always clears and angels dance on the slaughterhouse floor

    Sounds like a bluegrass song.

  2. I love that you shared a photograph of those sneakers. There is not a realer person in the world than you.

    Hugs from Atlanta.

  3. It truly is amazing how much better a walk can make you feel - as long as you aren't in too much pain to do it. I am lucky to have a dog who insists on his run every day. I would not be so reliable on my own. I find that my flip flops are as good as anything for my walks - but then I don't have any foot trouble.

  4. There are barefoot shoes: I use them for running, and it's saved my back, my hips, my everythings. They're expensive, but so far, worth it. Vibrams. Ugly as hell.

    And now my product endorsement is finished.

  5. I walked last night and it changed my outlook on so much. I am still basking in the glow of my walk. So, walk on, Ms. Moon.

  6. I choose the dance floor for angels. I can imagine them floating among the feathers and flowers!

    I think the feet-type shoes sound worth checking out. I've been curious about those since they first came out.

  7. Just popping in to let you know we finally have a baby! He's absolutely perfect and I am already in love. He is named after my son and we are calling him EJ.

  8. "Those must be comfortable shoes, I bet you could walk all day in shoes like those and not feel a thing. My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where the go, where they've been..."

    You can tell a lot about a person by her shoes. Yours tell me that you walk a lot more than you probably think you do.

  9. I say birkenstocks. Cuz I'm a wannabe hippie.

    I have the vibram toe shoes and they're awesome on ground ground but my feet hurt after 5 minutes on pavement. Great to garden in...

    A dance floor for chickens.


  10. It's good to come on here and see that a truly good woman such as yourself has wonderful days and shit days. The shit days are a particular comfort since my own shit days feel sort of spectacularly lonesome.

    P.S. I pick dance floor.

  11. Magnum- That pretty much sums it up.

    GradyDoctor- You have no idea how real I really, really am.
    Hugs back.

    SJ- Is it all in the stars? I do not know.

    Jeannie- I have tried flip flops but when I walk as hard as I do, they give me blisters, no matter how many years of my life I have worn them.

    Sara- I would love to try those.

    Nicol- I intend to!

    lulumarie- They are funny-looking though, aren't they? As if anyone in Lloyd would care.

    A- I don't think sandals would do it because of the blister situation. My feet are tough on the soles but tender on the tops.

    Lois- Such wonderful news! I can't wait to see pictures!

    Birdie- What's that quote from? It sounds so familiar. I should know it, shouldn't I? Yep. Those shoes have gone a few miles.

    Michelle- I walk on both dirt and pavement. I got some shoes today. We'll see how they work.

    See Kate Run- I am no more good than any other woman. Believe me. But thank-you. And Lord, yes. I have my shit days. You are NOT alone.

  12. My mom has terrible vertigo too. Its new for her and its making her miserable. Dizzy as a drunk makes it sound a little more interesting I must admit. Aging is not for sissies my mom always says, quoting Mae West. Man this kindle is hard and slow to type on. Love.

  13. That is a really nice shot of the well worn shoes and it was sure time to replace them. I read somewhere they should be replaced every 6 months. or maybe that was toothbrushes.

  14. Angella- Can they find any reason for your mother's vertigo? God. I hope I don't get that.
    Or you!

    Kristin- Yep. Threw those bad boys out today. Toothbrushes are far easier to replace, aren't they?

  15. I think that you do deserve new shoes. Truly.

  16. Hey, My baby also needs a pair of new shoes.

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