Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Up, up, get up, drink smoothie, go walk.
I am having a book-listening crisis. I love my new branch library but I am quickly going through everything they have there to listen to that I can tolerate. And I cannot walk without books to listen to. It's part of my disassociation from the agony.

Well. First world problems. Unlike the mosquitoes which are blood-sucking demons from hell who suck the blood of the rich and the poor alike. They do not discriminate although it's true that the richer you are, the more you can control your environment, the better chance you have of not being exposed. I  can't even stop to pee in the woods any more. I duck off the path, stumble through the brush, find myself bouncing off the spider webs, unbutton, unzip, squat, and I am covered with the damn things. It is torture, plain and simple. How in HELL did people live here before screens? Did they coat themselves with bear grease?

I don't know. I'm procrastinating. I don't really want to walk and I really, really do not want to go sit in a waiting room with Mother. It's a special sort of agony, not knowing what she's going to say.

Well, life is just filled with things we don't especially care to do, isn't it?

Moonrise Kingdom is finally arriving in Tallahassee this weekend. Yes. I'm going to go see if come hell or high water. I might go see it twice.

Off my butt. Get up off my butt and get out there and walk the dreamy cobwebs from my mind.

Good morning.


  1. enjoy your walk. you're probably well into it by now. and don't worry about your mom and what she says. if it will help you feel more comfortable, just explain to the doctor and staff beforehand, and then relax.

    and i'm trying to eat better too. and all i've done is lost the same 10 pounds I lose and gain over and over. But my cholesterol went down 20 points and my sugar edges out of the pre-diabetes zone, and i wake up feeling a lot clearer, so maybe those should be my success markers and not the scale. Or, let's face it, the mirror.

    You go, Mary Moon. You inspire me.

  2. I can download audio books from my library online

  3. it's raining here so I have a good excuse. I'll have to think of another one tomorrow though.

  4. Ok, I know this suggestion may not be well received, and I'm all for nature - but your nature sounds too much nature in the summer - have you heard of a treadmill desk? I have friend who made one with her treadmill and a simple aerobics step and she's messianic about it.

  5. Those damn mosquitoes were trying to get me in my outside summer bed last night. I watched them outside the netting and squashed them just for fun. They are total assholes and deserve to be killed. I think in the old days before screens they tore up old pieces of cloth and put them over the windows. Still, it must have been a miserable time.

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  7. is a pretty cool site for downloading books. I recently listened to Ann Patchett's "State of Wonder" and really enjoyed it --

    Good luck at your mom's appointment --

  8. Does your library have a reserve system? Here, I can go online and request books, and they deliver them to the branch of my choosing. I get an email when they arrive and are ready to be checked out.

  9. Angella- It's not just the staff and doctor- it's mostly the people in the waiting room! ARGGGHHH! But we didn't end up going today anyway.
    I think that you have obviously accomplished a lot with your efforts. I mean, it IS about better health, right?
    But yes, I know. I know. We want to fit into our clothes better. We want to feel, oh hell- pretty!
    But seriously, you keep it up. You are adding years of health to your life and I think you should be very proud of yourself.

    Jeannie- I'm sure I can do that too. Just gotta figure it out.

    Ellen Abbott- Perhaps it will rain again tomorrow.

    Jo- I cannot exercise in the house with a device. I have tried. I have to go out and walk and then turn around and come home. Don't ask me why but this is how it works for me.

    Birdie- And it's so hot here. Anything that was put up in the windows before screens would have prevented any night breeze from coming through too. How miserable it must have been!

    Elizabeth- I read that book in Cozumel last December. I enjoyed it too. Yes. I need to research audible. I am just so spoiled, getting books for free from my library.

    Amna- Yes. I have used that system before. My problem is is that I love to cruise and peruse the books to decide what I want. Inefficient, but that's how I do it.

  10. Well, the primrose path is certainly littered with home exercise devises, I'm sure you're not alone. I'm part of that club, too, sadly.

    I suppose it works for Shanna because her job is basically sitting at the computer most of the day. And doing that work standing up and moving is a better option.

  11. Omgrrrl- I probably will.

    Jo- Yeah. I could not possibly type and walk at any sort of decent pace at the same time. Or probably any pace of any sort.

  12. I haven't seen the movie but heard that it is good. Tell me what you think.


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