Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cicada Ladies

Some of you know that my baby-baby, Jessie, plays mandolin and she's in a group with some gals that she's been playing with, mostly, since high school. She attended an alternative high school in Tallahassee where the school band was a bluegrass band and since she'd grown up listening to and adoring her fairy-godparents, Lon and Lis Williamson

it was a match made in heaven when Jessie picked up the mandolin. 

She now plays a mandolin which Lon made by his own hands and the Cicada Ladies have made a CD. They recorded it at the Award-Winning, World-Class Gatorbone Studios which is the home-based business Lon and Lis run when they're not performing, making mandolins, creating ribbon flower art (okay, that's just Lis) or being grandparents, gardeners, and Most Gracious Loving People In The Universe.

Golly. Where was I going here?
Oh yeah! The Cicada Ladies' CD is out! It's called Under The Clay. 

You can order it.


And I think it would be only fittin' for me to give one of these CD's away. Quite frankly, I'd love to give one to every one of you. I should. I really should. God, I owe all of you. You have no idea how much I owe all of you. (My sanity or what passes for my sanity.) I should really just give you all a vial of my blood to wear around your necks but no, that would be weird.

So in lieu of all of that, I'm going to give away a CD and I feel all Pioneer-Womany and shit, just saying that but shitfire, why not? So. How do you win?

Oh golly. I guess just leave a comment and I'll write all your names down and put them in a hat and pick one out and I SWEAR ON MY OLD DEAD DRUNK DADDY'S GRAVE THAT I WON'T CHEAT!
How's that?

And as a bonus, I'll draw another name out of the hat and the winner of THAT gets a dog! Yes! And a year's worth of dogfood!

All right. That last part is a lie. Unless you want a dog. In which case, IT'S NOT A LIE! I really will send you a dog. I'll even send you the one who doesn't have a sopapilla ear. (Indeed, the saga continues.)

And if you're going to be in Tallahassee next weekend, The Cicada Ladies will be playing a week from tonight at the Miccosukee Root Cellar.  That's July 28th and it's also my birthday so, well...I guess that's going to be my party because I quite frankly hate birthday parties when they're mine. I don't mind having birthdays, I just don't like parties which result from them.

Is this post really spacey? I feel like it is. I think today has been one of those days where I'm sort of just underwater, looking at all the pretty fish and doing my best not to be bashed up against the coral wall by the current, fluttering my fins and trying to keep my mask cleared.

(One of the Cicada Ladies, underwater in Cozumel, Mexico)

Or something.

Anyway, just leave me a comment and eventually I'll draw a name out of a hat and then eventually sometime after that (like when I get some CD's) I'll send the winner one if he or she deigns to send me his or her address.
It's safe to send me your address, being as how I'm agoraphobic and shit and would never, ever drive to your house with evil on my mind. Or even sweetness on my mind.
Trust me.

God. I'm sorry. I'll shut up now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. DTG- Your name will still get thrown into the hat.

  2. Done. I ordered it. Now I'm going to listen to it.

  3. Ok, I've got the mandolin and bluegrass in my bloodline!! That should give me at least two entries ;) I'd love it. I will order it anyway.

    And whatev - you know you're stuck with Buster.

    I swear on your dead drunk daddy's grave that I love you to bits. Your whole family is a soulmate.

  4. Elizabeth- Can I call you sister? Please?

    SJ- So. Tell me again- HOW did you find me? Because we've now known each other forever. All right. Two names in the hat. My blog, my rules. Love you.

  5. I am buying my own simply because the idea of you being "Pioneer-Womany" gives me the creeps.


    That's not why I'm getting it. I'm getting it because your daughter made a CD which is as exciting as hell. If you put my name in the hat anyway and it gets pulled, please send the winning copy to The Pioneer Woman.


  6. Very cool for your daughter and you and her fairy god parents. I am not Irish Jo - just sweet Jo and I guess if up I win this contest, you'll know it's anonymous sweet Jo!

  7. Lily- I remember you dancing for your baby sister and keeping her entertained while I finished sewing up a dress for you. You get a CD for free from me because you are part of the reason your sister loves music so much. She loves YOU so much. Do you remember that dress? The one with the dinosaur buttons?
    I love you.

    Gradydoctor- You made me laugh out loud quite literally. Thank-you, darling.

  8. Sweet Jo- That's your new name. Thank-you.

  9. MM -I really don't remember. I do remember I was in the University of Kentucky's library, clicking through something for a research project for grad school, which led to me to a blog that you had commented on - then, I found your blog from clicking on that. You wrote about going under the house with Mr Moon and how doing that kind of work together what was what MADE a marriage, and I just...well, kept reading. I graduated grad school in 2007, so this had to be between Aug 05 to Dec 07. Although I want to think I was firmly in your readership by graduation. So that, is how we met.

  10. This is so wonderful! Thank you Mama and thank you to all of our Cicada Ladies supporters. This makes me so excited to be able to share something that gives me so much joy.
    Hank did the formating for the cd and I am so greatful to him too.
    I can't wait to see who wins the cd.
    Lots of love,

  11. SJ- Amazing. Really. Well, by now you're family too so just accept that.
    (P.S. There is even more to that under-the-house story than you know. Maybe some day I'll tell it to you.)

    Honeyluna- Yes! Hank did do that! Your family loves you so much. We can't wait to see you!!!!

  12. It's hot here today. I wish I were swimming in a healing ocean. I'd love the album. Please don't send me a dog.

  13. We're intertwined - it just is. Tell May I love her, too!

  14. gradydoctor made me laugh too, just the idea of you being "pioneer woman"...chortle, guffaw, and yuck, yuck, yuck...

    well, if i win the cd, fine, if not i'll get one on my own:)

    go JESSIE!

  15. I would love to get a cd and would not accept a dog. after years of animals from goats, chickens, pony, dogs, cats and rabbits we have no pets. i love it that way.

  16. Sister Moon and honeyluna,

    Purchased, downloaded and now playing on both my real iPod and my mental iPod. Will take it with me to exercise tomorrow. My husband calls this "taking it to the lab." That's what he does with all new music that he gets--although we have totally different musical tastes but one iTunes account. Can't wait for him to see some Tallahassee bluegrass waiting for him on his iTouch.

    P.S. I think you should send Pioneer Woman a copy just to eff with her.


  17. Oh my gosh, you make me laugh.
    Congrats to Jessie and all the Cicadas. How fun.

  18. Hahaha, be careful in the deep.
    I love the photos. The picture from Mexico looks like a mermaid!
    Ordering the CD now....

  19. Count me in...any band with a name like that is Tops in my book. I love bluegrass...

    Years ago, there was a group of women who congregated monthly, and called themselves WOMBATS--Women On Mountain Bikes And Tea Society.

    I just love shit like that.

    Jesse--are you familiar with The Carolina Chocolate Drops???

  20. Me too, me too! I wanna' win, but if I did I'd probably just send it to Lily 'cause they're sister's and that would just make me happy to know she had it.

    How proud you must be!
    And I sure wish I could be part of that birthday celebration next week!!

  21. how awesome that i can order your baby's CD! you must be bursting with feeling proud. i would! and this post is funny as heck. you've got some comic chops mary moon, and you dont even have to try.

    off to click your link!

  22. Whoa Nellie! For some reason i feel like I'm just now noticing that Jessie has indeed grown UP! I mean that in a good way and a sort of startled way. She looks so amazingly lovely and womanly and swan like graceful. Where was I when that happened??

    Anyway, not to belabor the point, but it really hit me when I saw the photo above that she has left girlhood in the rear view mirror.

    Congrats ya'll Cicada Ladies. Ive been hearin your relatives most nights out here singin' bout love and stuff. :-)

  23. Do NOT put me in the drawing because I will order the disc online. I just wanted to comment about your new...uh...whatever it is called - like - your Blog Page Picture. Kind of an homage to Wes and Bill. I like it.

  24. PS...Gradydoctor is hilarious.

  25. congratulations ms moon, your baby is both beautiful (like her mama) and talented. i have to admit i was not sure what blue grass music was, tend not to hear it played much in south africa and bonnie scotland! i like it, found more of the cicada ladies on youtube. go girls!

  26. I'm in, I'm in and you are fecking hilarious. Your manic, funny self just bowled me over. And Deb and I saw Moonrise tonight and I thought about you the whole time.

    XXXXXX Beth

  27. Hahahha, free ailing, flea ridden dog with every entry :)

    Congrats to the girls, it sounds great!

  28. How exciting for Jessie and the girls! I love the picture of her swimming, and your description of being underwater, looking at the pretty fish.

    And very funny - a vial of your blood, maybe something woven out of your hair instead? And no, no, no to another dog. I'd have given mine away to a free home last night, he woke me up barking too many times to count. Nervous and dumb - bad combo. At least there's no fleas.

    You are hilarious, your family and friends are amazing, your new header photo is dreamy. I keep smiling back at Bill.


  29. A- Okay. I won't send you a dog. I promise.

    SJ- I will tell her. If I ever see her again. She's so damn busy with work! God, she works too much.

    lulumarie- I'm just like Pioneer Woman. I swear! I am! What are y'all talking about?

    Kristin- Well, you what they say- life begins when the dog dies.

    gradydoctor- Oh my god. I SO wish I could be there when your BHOE listens to that CD! And I am NOT sending that woman a CD. She can buy it herself!

    Bethany- They're darling girls and they can really play.

    Denise- She DOES look like a mermaid, doesn't she?

    Akannie- Of course we know the Carolina Chocolate Drops! We love them.

    Liv- You're so sweet. Thank-you, honey.

    Angella- I AM so proud. I remember driving Jessie and Melissa to school every day, playing The Dixie Chicks for them. Now they're grown up and a sort of Dixie Chicks themselves.

    Ms. Fleur- You are right. Jessie is indeed a full-grown woman. Isn't it just amazing? And the cicadas have had a lot to sing about lately, haven't they?

    Omgrrrl- Header? Yeah, I had to change it up. I'll change it again soon, I'm sure.
    That's in my bathroom. That's what I look at when I brush my teeth.

    reeflighting- Well, they don't really play REAL bluegrass. Okay, sometimes they do. It's a type of music which is indigenous to the American south.

    Beth- Did you like the movie? Did you cry?

    Jo- I KNOW you want a dog. I just know you do.
    And by the time it got to Ireland, it would be dead so no worries. I wouldn't even have to send dogfood.
    People think I'm joking. They're wrong.

    Mel- Dogs. Really? Why? I love looking at Bill. He is always smiling at me and I always smile back at him.

  30. No matter how this goes I'll end up getting this CD - either I win or I buy. I can't say bluegrass is my favorite musical genre, but my older son loved it so much as a baby (that's a whole another story) that he made me see far more in it and appreciate it much more than I thought possible. I look forward to sharing this with him!

  31. Oh, I forgot to mention, your Jessie is stunningly beautiful, in addition to being so talented, and their band profile picture is proof positive.

    ... and I'm not just saying this because I want to better my chances of winning, honest truth! :)

  32. I've been gone in Nana landia with the Corn Tiger, but I saw Jessie post the release of the CD. Yaaay Cicada Ladies!! If you've already drawn the names for this, I'll just have to buy it as my B'day present to me. x0 N2


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