Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Procedure

I just can't get enough of the zinnias this year. They are, quite frankly, my most successful crop. I think next year I am just going to plant an entire garden of flowers.
Not really.

Sunday morning. The Big Plan for today is to drain Buster's ear. Buster is one of our poodle mutts and despite the fact that the day he and his sister depart for the Rainbow Realm will be the happiest day of my life, I don't like seeing him suffer which he is right now. Suffering. For some reason (and there are many possibilities and all of them have to do with dog-related pests) his right ear has swollen up like a sopapilla fresh from from the deep fryer.

(Yes, like this. Only with fur on it.)

It's a hematoma. Supposedly. Lon had treated his dog Buck for the same condition and it involved a syringe and drawing the fluid from the affected ear several days in a row.
We have been discussing this for two days now and today Buster seems to be even worse and so today is the day that Mr. Moon will become Dr. Moon and begin the procedure. The first problem, though, is that we don't have an appropriate syringe and you can't just go down to the drugstore and buy a syringe.
Damn those junkies, fucking it all up for us dog-ear-fluid-removing-law-abiders!

They sell such things at the feed store but the feed stores aren't open on Sundays so Mr./Dr. Moon called a friend of ours who has horses and dogs to see if he had such a thing and he does and he's bringing it over. The procedure will now begin.

I can't imagine anything I'd rather not do. Just touching that ear makes me sort of want to die.
Yes, I am supposedly a nurse but the only sort of nursing I really care to be involved in is maternal/neonatal nursing and not even much of that these days so...ick. And yuck. And...bite me.

Which of course Buster may try to do when the procedure begins. I wouldn't blame him one bit.

Yes, we could take him to a vet but I can only imagine how much that would cost and on a Sunday it would be double. So. We get to do it ourselves.
Damn dogs.

I asked Lis what she thought would happen if we just let the ear heal on its own.
"It would not be pretty," she said.
"Would it explode?" I asked.
"It might," she said.

Oh god.

Well, the fun just never ends, does it?
No. It does not.

Happy Sunday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon, RN, BSN, NOT A VET TECH


  1. Oh, dear. So sorry for both you and Buster. I do hope the procedure goes well and is successful.

    Gawd, I hate it when my animals are sick and I have to become Doctor Lo.
    Hope the rest of Sunday is a good one.

    Love, Lo

  2. Happy Sunday Ms. Moon

    Hope Buster's ear drains well. Ticks are about all I can do on my pets. I can do pus on kids. For now.


  3. Yow. Yowsers. My mister would be in there like no tomorrow, and I'd be sort of cringing off to the side. but it will sure feel good for him. good luck team.

  4. Gosh that sounds awful. Dr. Moon is much braver than I am. I woke up today to an early morning call from my daughter in law that she is having contractions and losing her mucus plug. I hope to have a new grandson soon!

  5. Oh poor buster! can't you give him to a family that will love him digusting fluids and all?

    Zo i mean Xo jeese

    typo curtsy Kindle

  6. Oh Gawd. Once my cat wouldn't drink water and had related health issues. I was given an IV and instructions to stick it into her scruff twice a day and then HOLD HER DOWN FOR TEN MINUTES. Hah. That bitch cat is still alive because I drove her to the vet techs every day. I tried, Ms. Moon. I tried and she won.

    Stupid animals with their unbearable-to-watch suffering. At least I loved her, though it's been a bit difficult to resist threatening to kill her if she ever gets sick again.

  7. No, way could I/would I able to do that procedure ...YUCK!
    Kudo's to Dr Moon!!

  8. Lo-It is a strange Sunday. I think I have tried to kill myself with weeding in the heat.

    Michelle- Oh, oh, OH! To have you back. I am so grateful to see you here.
    There was no pus. Only sort of bloody fluid. Ick.

    Deirdre- Our friend with the syringe helped. Buster lay still. They all seemed to do fine with it. I moved to the porch.

    Lois- I can't wait to hear the news!

    Madame King- I wish. So far no such family has stepped up.

    See Kate Run- I am not sure why we have pets. I swear, I am not.

    Deana- Well hello! And thank-you for coming by and taking time to comment.

    DTG- It went fine. I think it was a relief for Buster. Paul E. was the assistant. Remember Paul E?

  9. Yes, this sort of thing is exactly why I don't want any more pets. Blech. I'm squeamish and wimpy.

  10. Oh geez. Oh yikes. Glad I've come upon this post after the deed was done. I hope Buster is resting comfortably and that you have cooled off and are having a martini by now.

  11. Hope all goes well. The ear hematoma can be tricky and can hurt. I like the idea of vets doing those procedures. I do trim nails and have given fluids and insulin and pills but the more invasive stuff bothers me.

  12. Jo- We understand each other.

    Denise- Vodka tonic. With lime.

    Syd- Believe me, if it didn't cost a million dollars, we'd be glad to let the vet do it. But a vet told Lon how to do his dog's ear and he told us so...


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