Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mad Dogs And Englishmen Go Out In The Noon Day Sun

The procedure went well and I didn't even have to help. Paul E, the friend who brought over the syringe was the assistant but it seemed as if Buster was grateful and he didn't fuss much at all and laid pretty still for the whole thing. Mr. Moon has also washed him with flea soap and treated him for ear mites, even though we're not sure he HAS ear mites and at least the dog is clean now.

I myself continued to try and commit suicide by gardening from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. and although I did not succeed, I certainly suffered from heat-related stupidity.  Mr. Moon forced me to drink a Gator Aid which I do not do unless I am in labor.
I was frighteningly beet-red.
I think I do this so that for the rest of the day I can plead heat exhaustion and lounge around watching Bravo TV and so forth.

Oh la-di-dah, I am not going to kill myself that easily and it was Sunday and Sunday's generally suck and we all know it. Perhaps some people like Sunday but I am not one of them and if you are, please tell me why.

Mr. Moon and I played some cards and dammit! I won which happens so rarely that I fear that the universe is going to punish me in some horrible way.

I am sauteing peppers and garlic and portobellos in some pesto that Lis brought me and some olive oil and I'm going to add the leftover shrimp to that and with some pasta, that will be our supper. I might just chop up the tomatoes I was going to make a salad out of and throw them in and make a one-bowl dinner.

Whatever. It's Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday and regular life will resume with real exercise and EAHAS (eating all healthy and shit) and our regular programming will resume.

And as GOD IS MY WITNESS, I am going to go see Moonrise Kingdom this week. I swear and declare and can I just add that the mosquitoes are getting not only fiercer but BIGGER as well and it may be the end times, and if so, I would just like to say that it's been a real blast for me and I hope it's been a blast for you too.

Amen and I have also made a pavlova and cut up berries and peaches to put on it and yes, it's Sunday but it hasn't been a total waste and for that and many more things, I am most grateful. Not unlike a dog whose ear is being drained by two men with facial hair and kind hands.


  1. I sauteed onion and garlic and put it in with chicken and pasta and broccoli and it was DELICIOUS. ass is going to see Moonrise Kingdom on Wed. Maybe you can go Wednesday too, and it'll be like we're going together :)

    Sundays can kiss my ass. I love you.

  2. (I didn't TRY to mention my ass twice in one comment. But, my ass just comes up in conversation.)

  3. Sundays are a mixed bag. Mornings are good, i get to teach Sunday school and Timmy, who is 7. He hangs upside down from my arms, climbs everything, does headstands during story time, and is always the one who knows the lesson best. He's also my favorite, and has been since he used to tackle me for hugs in the nursery at home school co-op.

    Evenings, i get to entertain my Brother-in-law, The Mouth. Depending on his mood, it makes or breaks a Sunday evening.

  4. How in the world did you make meringue in that humidity?

  5. Moonrise Kingdom was wonderful and beautiful and perfectly weird. I took myself on a date last weekend to see it, when it was 107 degrees here and it was lovely being in that theater when it was light and hell outside.The best kind of alone-date movie possible.

    And in church today (where I am PAID TO SING) our resident 100 year old blind lady declared, during the boring-as-hell sermon that the minister should SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET DONE WITH IT, and aside from the time the lay reader read "Sodom and Gonorrhea" it was a time when church was fun. Ish.

  6. SJ- Ass seems to be a theme this weekend. Which is just fine by me.

    messymimi- And what is taught in Sunday School these days?

    Elizabeth- Air conditioning. And still, it will be sticky.

    Sara- I may go by myself tomorrow morning. I may just do it. I love that old lady. Damn.

  7. Sundays blow. And you need to see that movie. Even my parents saw it and they haven't seen a movie since 1974!

  8. Sundays: the day hubby will find and watch the most boring thing he can find on TV..So I make him...ask cook on me a good hour to not hear the boring programs...

  9. Ha! I made the meringues for pavlova yesterday but never put it together for eating. There was left over cake and apple crisp the guys ate instead.

  10. Besides the Sunday paper, I'm not a fan. It means the weekend is over, and there's this tiny ancient guilt thing that this is supposed to be a day of worship, big family meals or picnics or something that doesn't happen in our house. Sundays feel like failure to me if I don't orchestrate a family outing or cook a fabulous dinner. Usually by Sunday we're wiped out by Saturday and nobody wants to do anything anyway, so failure comes easy.

    I went out in the heat of the afternoon yesterday to cut down the giant weeds crowding my front door. Took it easy, slow pace and after 15 minutes I thought I had killed myself. Dumb idea. Why do we push ourselves?

    Glad the ear draining went well for Buster. Glad you won at cards. Sorry about your mosquitoes. The upside to drought is their absence.

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Whew, so glad on the ear drain procedure. I think your Sunday sounded great. Quiet here today. Still on the boat and loving it.

  12. I like Sundays because they are my Fridays which means I am off for 4 days. I used to hate them because it meant I had to work the next day. My hate day is not Wednesday.

  13. Omgrrrl- Don't worry. i will.

    Deana- I mostly stay out of the room with the TV when Mr. Moon is in it unless we are watching something we both like together.

    Jeannie- It's a beautiful dessert, isn't it?

    Mel- Yeah. There is no pace slow enough in this weather. Just sitting outside in the sun will kill you. Sundays are weird.

    Syd- I would say I'm jealous but that sounds mean. I am very happy for you, though, that you are on the boat and that, in turn, makes me happy.

    Birdie- I get that. I do.


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