Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Small Joke

I went to bed last night giving myself permission to sleep late and not walk before I have to go into town to take Mother to the doctor.

Yeah, right.

At 7:00 my body woke me up and said, "Come on. Get up. Knock it out."

And so I did and so I have and it's a beautiful, beautiful day and I'm glad I walked and by golly, I can take a nap later if I want.

Some days I am just glad to be healthy enough to go out there and do the miles and sweat like a horse and feel a little butch and see the spider webs shining in the morning light, the brown rabbits, bounce-running across the grass on the side of the trail, and yesterday, two LIVING armadillos, waddling their prehistoric armored shells, tails waving, into the path to the old cemetery.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To show the armadillo that it CAN be done.

Good morning.


  1. You are fantastic. I really enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to it every day. It's funny how the body and the mind don't always get along, huh? Sounds like a nap is in your near future ;)

  2. Armadillos! Wow. I love your walk. I'm being lazy and still in bed.

  3. Bugerlugs- Glad I could make you laugh. It's a silly joke but one of my favorites.

    Samantha B- Thank-you! Please come visit here often. You are always welcome.

    Deirdre- Well, you don't have to get out and do things before it's too hot. I'd sleep later too if I lived where you live.

    Stephanie- Naps are sublime.

  4. Good to be back reading you!


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