Saturday, July 28, 2012


So did you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night?
We did.
Wasn't it exciting?
To continue in my cynical vein, I just kept making snarky remarks. I couldn't help it. Especially when the commercials came on. Have you noticed how a main theme in TV commercials these days is how whatever product (from chocolate to Chevys) serves to "bring people together"? Do we really need to be brought together so much? Are we all suffering from a huge lack of togetherness? Will Hershey's Chocolate and Chevrolets do the trick?
Maybe. I don't know.

Didn't the queen look amazingly proud and happy?
NO SHE DID NOT! Bless her old heart. Jesus. Let the poor woman go home and take her bra off and have a cup of tea and a snuggle with her corgis. She deserves that.

But it is heart-warming to see all those beautiful athletes from around the world, from countries I'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF (which means nothing, I know) coming together to compete in the spirit of...uh...competition? Yes. Yes it is. 

I thought almost all of the uniforms looked cheesy. And why did Ralph Lauren make our athletes wear berets? Did I miss a major beret fashion thing? I have no problem with the fact that our uniforms were made in China. I mean, that is the most American thing you can do- have the Chinese make our things- but the berets? Clearly I've been out of the fashion loop too long.
To me, berets say, "Girl Scouts!" they say, "French Person!" they say, "Australian Person!"
Somehow they just don't say "American Athlete!" to me but whatever. They were jaunty!

And what was the deal with David Beckham? Dude left the British Isles to come to America to make the big bucks and star in underwear ads.

Oh well.

Okay. Sir Paul. Bless his heart too. He needs to quit dying his hair. He never was my favorite Beatle but he was a Beatle. AND WHERE WAS RINGO? That's what I want to know. Where the fuck was Ringo?

Okay. I'm done talking about the Olympics now. Except for one thing- when did BADMINTON become an Olympic event?

So I opened the paper this morning and wouldn't you know there's an entire article about the power of prayer being miraculous in helping to heal a little local girl who had a head injury resulting from a fall off a horse? It was like a Divine Answer to my last night's post. They're claiming that it's a miracle that she's alive and all due to prayer.
Of course, there's been a little bit of medical intervention, too. But you know, it was the PRAYER that kept her alive.
Well, honestly, it's awesome that her family had prayer to lean on during such a horrible, frightening time. I get that. And who knows? Not me.

So it's my birthday. I just talked to Owen on the phone. "Happy Birthday!" he said. Then he told me I need a cake and candles and balloons. Hmmmmm....
Mr. Moon keeps asking me what kind of a cake I want. He has made me several birthday cakes over the years and they've all been fantastic. But it takes him like eight hours and seriously? I don't want a cake. I can actually tell that I've lost some weight in the past few weeks and I like that. As I told Lily, my Very Fat Clothes are fitting a lot better. I haven't been eating much sugar or refined flour and I'm not insane- I know that a piece of cake wouldn't undo all my good work. It's Whatever. Cake.
Now quite frankly, if someone around here had some bacon and cooked it, I would eat that.
But there is no bacon. Which is fine.

We're all going to go to the local restaurant tonight where the Cicada Ladies are having their CD release party and it's going to be insane. I hear that the restaurant is about as big as a postage stamp and the paper just did a huge, big review of it and Darling Kati has been writing in the paper about our beloved Cicada Ladies and this party and I just hope we can find a seat, much less a meal. You have no idea how many people love these Ladies.

And I've gotten about five thousand Facebook birthday messages, many of them from people I actually KNOW! and Lon and Lis called and sang Happy Birthday to me and you know that made me smile and cry at the same time. Lily and the boys might come out and May's called me and it's looking to be a nice day. I've had way too much coffee but I feel okay. A little manic, but okay.
Perhaps when the caffeine wears off, I'll go back to bed and take a nap because I am not entirely well. Maybe I'll paint my toenails.


Let's all have a good day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Moon. We all love you. I hope you feel that.

  2. Happy birthday, dear Ms. Moon. Thank you for being you.

  3. Happy birthday! I thought the same thing about the queen. She looked downright grumpy, and so did Kate Middleton. I decided maybe they had a big family fight right before walking in.

  4. happy birthday. I was going to comment on your previous post about prayer and religion but my iPad makes it too difficult. anyway, if prayer gives people peace then I'm happy for them. if it works, it's not cause they got some god to intervene but because thought is energy and concentrated energy gives form to thought. I also don't do religion.

    no I didn't really watch the opening ceremonies, though we flipped back and forth between that and the Harry Potter movie, and am not watching any of the events. I'm just not that interested in who is the best at any particular game.

    What chaps my ass about the uniforms is that up until this year the required uniform for women's beach volley ball was bikinis while the men's uniforms for the same sport covered them neck to knee. Really, Olympic committee? If the women were required to wear bikinis then the men should also have been required to wear bikinis. I might have watched if they were jumping around naked except for a little speedo.

    re the berets...before my son's time was up in the army reserve, they changed the short brimmed camo uniform cap to a beret. Like that was going to keep the sun out of their eyes.

  5. Have a very happy birthday - may the year ahead be shiny and bright! sweet Jo

  6. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great evening out.
    Yes, I'm not sure why they "let" Paul "sing" (?), obviously a beatles thing . . . And a Sir thing.
    The few times I watch tv, I snark.

  7. I hope you get seats and food at the Cicada Ladies event ~ perhaps a martini instead of cake for your birthday?

    I hope you have a great one, surrounded by those you love and who love you so dearly!

  8. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Not too shabby being on a Saturday and with fantastic music, and treats involved and friends and family too! You are considered very special by many people.
    I only watched a little of the opening ceremonies--I toggled back and forth with Bravo TN--in bliss being home alone for several days and in charge of the remote all by myself. I have never gotten excited about athletes competing in Olympics. I agree with Ellen above on volleyball uniforms.
    --Michele R.

  9. I tell you this because I care and I mean it- DO NOT enter that restaurant hungry under any circumstances.

  10. Happy Birthday, Mary. I hope you have a terrific time out tonight.

  11. Happy Birthday Mer Mer.

    Can I call you Mer Mer?? :-)

    CU tonight. *Hopefully.

  12. Happy Birthday, Ms. Moon! May it be as wonderful as you can possibly imagine and may there be many dozens more, each happier than the previous.

  13. Lois- Thanks! When are we going to see a picture of that beebe?

    Jill- I DO feel loved. Thank you.

    MurrBeth- Thanks! I'd be pretty shitty at being anyone else!

    Blue Gal- What struck me about Kate was how completely ordinary she looked. Which was pretty cool.

    Ellen Abbott- Yeah. That volley ball thing is pretty weird, isn't it? I mean- why? Those women do have incredible bodies and if my body looked like that I'd be happy wearing almost nothing but...
    it is sexist.

    S Jo- Thanks, darling!

    Bugerlugs- Well, I completely loved the And in the end...
    Because the Beatles were, are, always and forever the Beatles. But Paul. Well.

    Lulumarie- I think they only serve beer and wine but the birthday girl may take a flask. I'm thinking...

    Michele R- Yeah. Some people just LOVE and adore the Olympics. Some of it I do think is art in motion. Diving. Gymnastics. Those. Other events don't do so much for me.

    Juancho- Even the name "Root Celler" does not bode well for a groaning board, does it? I keep envisioning a few dried-up carrots and turnips with some sort of horseradish sauce. I will eat before I go.

    Stephanie- Thank-you, sweet Unsweet Mama!

    Ms. Fleur- Of course you can call me Mer-Mer!

  14. White Coat Dreamer- Lily brought over a giant cup cake and we put a candle in it and Owen helped me blow it out and my wish was what my wish always is- more, please. Of just this.

  15. The best part to me was Meredith Vieiera referring to the Queen and a 'money shot' in the same sentence. Jeez o Pete. ;)

    Just found your blog through GradyDoctor and have read my way back through May of 2008 sometime. You have the gift of painting with words and I have enjoyed every minute.

  16. Happy birthday--good wish! Used to be the motto of the rock band I lived with.

  17. Hope you are having the most wonderful day with those who are dearest to you. A birthday can't get any better than that. And I wish you many happy returns!

  18. Happy Birthday!!!

  19. I'm sure you're having a super birthday and like all the others before me I wish you happiness and long life..

  20. I don't object to the uniforms being made in China. I DO object to the presence of the large Polo logo on the jacket. As far as I could tell, we were the only team to sport a uniform that included a corporate advertisement or trademark. But then, that's so American.

    We also wondered what the heck was up with those berets.

    Yep, the Queen looked grumpy. The BBC aired a shot of her examining her cuticles during the entrance of the British athletes, which I thought was just hilarious.

    And finally -- YES, what about Ringo?! I said exactly the same thing. Paul can't sing anymore but it was still good to see him -- but it would have been INCREDIBLE if they'd paired him with Ringo instead of some anonymous (to me) drummer.

  21. Your opening ceremony review made me laugh out loud. Now I HAVE to find it online and watch. Just for the funny parts.

    I want a Cicada Ladies CD! Where can I order one?


  22. I know that you will have a good birthday week. And we managed to miss the Olympic opening ceremony. Only Che looked good in a beret.


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