Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks For Explaining That, Ann

Click HERE if you want to see the video where Ann Romney explains why they aren't going to release their tax returns and see and hear her say, "We've given you people all you need to know."

Yeah. Us people. Us stupid doody-headed people.

And that 10% they give to the church? All Mormons are expected to tithe that. Pretty much required for Mormons.

What crap. What crapacious crap.


  1. You people that we want votes from.

    Fuck off, Ann.

  2. Yeah. That *you people* hit my ear wrong too.

  3. ditto on comment for me too..WTH!

  4. Stephanie- Gracious, ain't she?

    Angella- She is going to regret that hell out of that.
    I hope.

    Deana- Or as we say around here, WTF?

  5. What an arrogant bitch. and him too. He's constantly got that smirk on his face like he knows he is so much better than everyone else, especially whoever he is currently talking to. You people? Fuck you.

  6. Heard somewhere that ol' Mittens Romney is worth Bush Sr, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama combined. What's someone richer than God* got to hide? Hmm.

    *Not the MORMON God, obviously. He's the richest and most real God of all time forever and ever Amen! *puke*

  7. I have never liked the words "You people". Very demeaning.

  8. There's just no end to the bullshit with those two.


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