Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The fog may have cleared but not in my heart and I'm just feeling so down for no reason and I have nothing funny or sassy to say. Bras are simply garments I hate to wear, Michelle Bachmann is insane, Bob Dylan has an album coming out on Sept. 11, I bought walking shoes that weigh about two ounces apiece.

See? Nothing.

I know things will change.

They always do.

P.S. Don't go to Chick-fil-A. (The A stands for Assholes.)


  1. We are peas in a pod tonight. I bet you didn't have french fries for dinner though. I did.

  2. Yeah -- double whammy for Oliver. He loves Chick Fil A AND the Boy Scouts. Ugh.

  3. You don't have to be funny or sassy all the time for me to still want to read your blog. I like the messy and the tidy parts of life. Hope you wake up tomorrow with a light heart.

  4. I'm glad you got some new shoes. Hope they make your walk in the morning relatively painless.

  5. Doesn't it just suck that your exercise is on a roll and then one day you wake up and something hurts to interfere with that roll? I've been there so many times in the past couple of years. I hope you fell better tomorrow.

  6. Nobody can be "up" all the time. Here is a hug. I hope when you take your walk tomorrow with your new shoes that you will enjoy it and feel good. And if not, never mind. This too shall pass.

  7. I just read a thing about how underwires cause cancer and people without them seem to get it WAY less, so just hang on to that thought and celebrate the bra-lessness.

  8. PS - you're not wrong about Chick-filla.

  9. Stephanie- And it did.

    SJ- A pork chop and sweet potato.

    Elizabeth- It's fucking tough to have principles.

    Lora- You're wonderful. Thank you.

    Kristin- Not bad at all.

    Anonymous- This is why I am not going to push it!
    I want to be in it regularly for the long haul.

    Joan- It always passes, no matter what "it" is.

    Ellen- Yep.

    Jo- I don't believe that. I do, however, believe that mammograms cause cancer. I have nothing to back that up. I just do.

  10. I have lots of stuff to back that up, if you're interested. There are studies about the bra stuff too but they need a lot of control testing.

  11. No chick FIL-A for me any more.


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